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Princess Cruise ship passengers ill with the flu

Princess cruise ship
Princess cruise ship
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Princess Cruise ships are dealing with a new problem today. On April 9, ABC News shared that they have a cruise ship full of sick passengers. It started out with just a few passengers but that number has now doubled. They believe that they all have the highly contagious norovirus. Since they are all in close quarters together it is hard for them to stay away from each other.

Princess Cruise's spokeswoman Karen Candy spoke out saying that 17 crew members plus another 66 passengers on the ship are sick. Hopefully this number will stop increasing but shockingly it probably will continue to grow as they are on the ship longer. This cruise is said to last for seven days and won't be over until Saturday. They are stopping in San Diego and Santa Barbara while on it. Maybe some people will decide to get off at a port and not get back on. At least they are not in a foreign country so it would be easy to find a hospital or end up finding a way back home to start feeling better.

CNN shared that everyone who is sick has been quarantined to their quarters. That should help prevent a further outbreak of the virus. They are also trying to sanitize door handles and the rest of the ship better. This ship does have rooms for over 3,000 passengers so hopefully they can keep it under control and not end up with that many sick people.

This is not the first cruise ship that people have ended up sick on but it seems to be happening more often. If this continues some people might think twice before going on a Princess Cruise or any cruise for that matter. Health official do track how often that flu outbreaks happen on cruise ships.