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Princess Cruise ship illnesses: Another cruise, another outbreak at sea

Now that another cruise ship reports 83 passengers have a stomach flu, which is looking a lot like norovirus, is it time to be a land lover for your next vacation? This time it is the Princess Cruise Lines that have a group of passengers suffering from a “quickly spreading digestive bug,” according to CNN News on April 10.

Princess Cruise illnesses are now at 83 folks hit with the stomach bug while cruising the high seas.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

As of Wednesday late morning, at least 66 passengers and 17 crew members have been stricken while cruising the high seas on the Crown Princess. The same procedures are in place for this outbreak as for all the other outbreaks on the various ships that have suffered a quick-spreading stomach illness in the past.

The ill passengers and crew are isolated in their quarters and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended procedures are underway to sanitize the ship so it will slow down the spreading of the bug.

Karen Candy, the spokesperson for the Princess Cruise Lines, could not confirm if this stomach bug was the norovirus, but they are sanitizing the ship as if this is the bug they are battling.

The seven-day Pacific cruise left L.A. on Saturday and there is no total offered for the number of passengers aboard, but the ship has room to carry 3,000 people. The Epoch Times reports today that this seven-day cruise includes stops in San Diego and Santa Barbara before it ends in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The virus is causing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, which are the symptoms of the norovirus bug. The list of sickness breaking out on the high seas is getting long. Back in February 114 passengers and 10 crew members on a Holland America cruise ship fell ill. That ship was the M.S. Veendam that set sail for a week-long cruise.

The month of January saw more than 600 people fall ill on various cruise ships sailing the Caribbean. These numbers are from the CDC stats. There are many more cruise ships that have experienced the same thing.

While the norovirus is also a disease you can get on land, it seems that the close proximity of people, who are living together in the closed living space on a ship offers the perfect storm for any bug to flourish.

One of the questions asked in a CNN article today is: “Are cruise ships floating petri dishes?” Another question that most people are wondering by now when thinking about booking a cruise: “Is your cruise safe?”

Anyone considering cruising the high seas today can't help but have these outbreaks on their mind. It is not just one cruise line, the illness seems to run the cruise ship gamut. The question is will people actually opt to go by land or air in lieu of sea these days?

Check out the video above it is about the cruise ship that set the record for the number of passengers that got sick while at sea.

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