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Princess Beatrice wins weight loss war with TRX, boxing and plant-based diet

Princess Beatrice's personal trainer is sharing the secrets of how her 25-year-old client has succeeded in earning the title of "The Incredible Shrinking Princess," reported Fashion & Style on Jan. 11. Nadya Fairweather says she's proud of how the young princess won her weight loss war.

Learn how the princess stays slim.
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"She is super fit and very dedicated," Fairweather said. "We train whatever the weather and she never cancels – she's pretty hardcore."

Beatrice began training on her boyfriend's recommendation. She was seeking a way to "build up her stamina and just make exercise a part of her life."

And although she's worked with a trainer, "what she has achieved is down to her own determination and hard work,” Fairweather said. "If she puts her mind to something she will do it."

Beatrice works out mostly on her own now, meeting with her trainer once a week.

"She loves boxing and the TRX where you use your own body weight as a workout, which is pretty hard," Fairweather said.

"Plus, she probably does between three to five sessions a week at home, depending on how busy she is."

In terms of diets, Princess Beatrice focuses on eating right rather than following a specific plan, according to her trainer.

"She does lots of reading on nutrition - she's really interested in food and eating healthy," said Fairweather.

However, Marie Claire reports that to maintain her weight loss, the young princess follows a plant-based diet, consisting of lots of water and "plenty of fruit and vegetables."

In addition, Beatrice, who is daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, became the first member of the royal family to complete the London Marathon, reported People magazine on Jan. 11.

Fairweather's U-Shape training site contains a testimonial from Princess Beatrice:

"Nadya has this way about her that keeps you motivated. When I decided to run the London Marathon 2010, she made me feel like it was the easiest thing to do. She was there every step of the way to make sure I was ready, and I could not have done it without her encouragement and laughter."

As a young royal in the public eye, Beatrice has received her share of unkind comments about her body. However, Fairweather told People magazine, "She never talks about it, but it must be hard especially being so young. She is so positive about everything, it's amazing."

Want to try the royal forms of fitness for yourself?

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