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Princess Beatrice's trainer reveals her weight loss, diet and workout secrets

Princess Beatrice's weight loss was due to a low calorie diet and rigorous TRX workouts.
Princess Beatrice's weight loss was due to a low calorie diet and rigorous TRX workouts.
McCormack, Kitson/Getty Images

England's Princess Beatrice credits a mostly vegetarian diet and rigorous boxing and strength-training workouts for her stunning recent weight loss.

"Beatrice loves boxing and the TRX, where you use your own body weight as a workout," Nadya Fairweather told People. "She probably does between three to five sessions a week at home, and she does lots of reading on nutrition. She's really interested in food and eating healthy."

Beatrice's workouts consist of cardio sessions combined with hand weights, medicine balls, and a TRX system, which is a strength-training workout using a pulley-style contraption you attach to a door frame.

Fairweather said the TRX has helped Beatrice, 26, build lean muscles while burning fat. Princess Beatrice made headlines in 2012 after showcasing her dramatic weight loss shortly after she completed her first marathon.

Beatrice, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, had been overweight during much of her youth but blossomed into a willowy fashion plate several years ago. A turning point was the cruel media fat-shaming she endured after an unflattering bikini photo was published in 2008.

“It was very upsetting,” Fairweather told Express. “She was young and I don’t know any 18-year-old who has not had a bad photograph taken of them, especially in swimwear. She just thought, ‘I need to get myself in shape because I will never get out of the media,’ so we started working together.''

Princess Beatrice has been working out with Fairweather since 2009, and has gotten fitter and leaner, thanks to regular training and a super-healthy diet. Fairweather said Beatrice does not starve herself, but focuses on eating nutrient-dense foods like vegetables and fruits.

"She eats really healthily, but she eats," said Fairweather. "Which is massive in a celebrity world full of people starving themselves and doing crazy fad diets, which I just do not agree with. Beatrice has beautiful curves and she embraces that.”

Princess Beatrice's mother, Sarah Ferguson, revealed her 30-pound weight loss after doing intense running and mountain-hiking workouts. Sarah, whose weight has fluctuated dramatically over the years, previously detailed her weight struggles in her book Win the Weight Game.

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