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Princess Anne & Putin

Princess Anne of Great Britain will be visiting Russia soon. Not much publicity has been circulated, but her arrival could be very stimulating for her host Vladimir Putin. One supposedly minor royal could be overlooked in the stampede of guests, but circumstances may turn a spotlight on the former Olympian.

This year being the four hundredth anniversary of the Romanovs being elected the throne the leader of the once communist country having used every opportunity to link the glorious imperial past with the present may use Princess Anne, a direct descendant to the Romanovs through her father, to emphasize his point.

The English royal and former head of the KGB have are similar in a refreshing, some feel terrifying, way- they both are very strong personalities. Both are very direct and lack pretentiousness. Putin publicly demonstrates his martial arts ability regularly, while the princess has received a medal from her mother, the queen, because she foiled a kidnapping attempt by fighting off her abductors after they shot her bodyguard.

With the threat of possible terrorist attack Putin may need The Princess Royal to assist in calming jittery nerves. There is a history of English royals stepping in to help in times of need. In 1894, upon the sudden death of Alexander III, Bertie, Prince of Wales, and brother in law to the fallen autocrat, stepped in and basically made all the necessary decisions until a grief stricken imperial family could gain their footing.

In the past Putin seemed to prefer the glamorous attentions of Princess Michael of Kent, but given the heightened tensions in Russia these days, he may need a like minded person near in case diplomacy needs to be cast aside for action.

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