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Prince William snorkels in pool to celebrate new SCUBA club presidency

Prince William celebrated becoming BSAC president with snorkel in the pool
Prince William celebrated becoming BSAC president with snorkel in the pool
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

Today, Prince William sported his scuba gear in a London pool to commemorate becoming the new president of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC).

In May, the presidency of the British Sub-Aqua Club was passed down from Prince Charles, who held the position for 40 years. Before Charles, the position was held by his father Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh. William joked with the crowd about his son George someday following the family's underwater legacy,

"For the moment bath time is quite painful, but I imagine as he gets a little bit older, donning a mask and snorkel might calm him down.”

After speaking with the crowd at the Oasis Leisure Center near Covent Gardens, London, William put on his scuba gear and snorkeled in the pool with a group of children.

The British Sub-Aqua Club is the United Kingdom’s national governing body for underwater activities. The 61 year old organization provides training and support for people of all ages interested in becoming divers. Prince William commented on his new position with the BSAC,

“I look forward to working with the BSAC to encourage even more young people into the sport, for they are the next generation of underwater explorers, pioneers and protectors. The skills and experiences gained through snorkeling and scuba diving can have a positive and lasting impact on their lives, giving them confidence and building their aspirations.”

Prince Charles, who was also in attendance at the event, was presented with the Lifetime Honorary Member Award. Charles accepted the award and remarked,

"I feel extraordinarily proud having lasted for 40 years as your President. I’m delighted that my eldest son is taking over for me. I can only assume that his interest probably stems from the fact that I threw him into the swimming pool on many occasions and instead of putting him off, it actually enthused him."

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