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Prince William rescues Russian sailors at sea

Prince William attends Rememberance Day ceremonies on Nov. 2011
Prince William attends Rememberance Day ceremonies on Nov. 2011
Danny Martindale/Getty Images

Prince William helped 2 Russian sailors reach safety after their ship, the Swanland, sank 30 miles off the coast of North Wales early Sunday morning.

Prince William helps save 2 Russian sailors after their ship sank off the coast of Wales
Danny Martindale/Getty Images

BBC news reports that the 29-year old, Royal co-pilot was part of a coordinated effort with the RAF and Holyhead Coastguard that helped locate and airlift the men to safety, before transporting the pair via helicopter to an RAF base on Anglesey Island in Wales.

According to officials, a distress call was received by naval monitors about 2 a.m. Sunday morning, after severe weather battered the ship and cracked its hull.

The ship was carrying 3,000 tons of limestone and traveling from Abergele to Cowes on the island of Wight .

Jim Green, a spokesman for the coast guard issued a statement and alert, saying, "We know that at least some of [the missing] are wearing immersion suits and have strobe lighting with them," "However, sea conditions are challenging at best."

So far, 5 crew members are listed as missing, and 1 member has been confirmed dead.

Did you know? In December, Prince William (Duke of Cambridge), will celebrate 5 years in military service after graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2006.