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Prince William portrait: Scowl suggests he detects a whiff of something foul?

Prince William's new portrait looks as if the future king is smelling something foul?
Prince William's new portrait looks as if the future king is smelling something foul?

Does the new Prince William portrait look as if he is in pain? His depiction seems to have the look of being uncomfortable to say the least. These might be some of the thoughts conjured up when first getting a gander at the latest portrait of Prince William. The Prince “looks like he just lost a fight in his new portrait,” suggests the Daily Caller on July 3.

The portrait didn’t draw criticism from an elite few in the art world, this portrait is seen as just “awful” by the majority of people who have seen it so far. For one of the most handsome of couples in modern times Kate Middleton and Prince William don’t have much luck lately with royal portraits.

The Huffington Post didn't sugar coat the fact that "Prince William's portrait is already hated by practically everyone." There's not too much redeeming about this painting except maybe that the poppy in his pocket looks colorful. Even the color of William's face appears to give the impression he is suffering from a rash.

If you can remember the unveiling of Kate’s portrait in the National Gallery of Art last year, then you remember that it too was seen as less than adequate when it came to capturing Kate’s natural beauty. Kate and William claimed that they loved Kate’s portrait, which was painted by artist Paul Emsley, but the royal couple were not in the majority when it came to critiques.

The portrait, which was unveiled on Wednesday, is going up on the auction block and the proceeds will go to charity. As the Daily Caller suggests, they might have a hard time getting someone to bid on this portrait because it doesn't capture William at all.

William’s portrait surpasses Kate’s in the “ghastly” comments, it truly is a monstrosity among royal portraits. Welsh artist Dan Llywelyn Hall created William’s portrait and he is the same artist who painted the portrait of Queen Elizabeth last year. Hall painted William looking flush in the face and his head is at an angle where he is looking slightly up. He’s in a dark suit with the WWI symbol of a red poppy in his pocket.

The portrait is titled “Fatherhood” and as soon as it was unveiled this week the social networks lit up with professional and amateur critics alike having their say. The creator of this portrait doesn’t take the criticism to heart, he claims “I laugh at criticism,” according to Today. Well, with the overabundance of criticism surrounding William’s portrait it is safe to say he must be doing a lot of laughing today. He has reason to be a very jolly man!

If nothing else, the amount of attention that this portrait is getting might spike the price up a bit at auction. If the painting was seen as great, the praise would have waned in the headlines in a few hours. Because the painting is seen as somewhat hideous, it has gather a lot of attention, making it famous today. Maybe the portrait will fetch a king's ransom at auction for just that reason.

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