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Prince William on behalf of Royal family on Commonwealth loss from flight MH17

As the Sunday papers roll out, one thing is clear. The world is grieving. Relationships decimated at both the personal and the political level as the losses of the tragedy of Malaysian Flight MH17 begin to be recorded. For the 53 countries in the Commonwealth nations, 27 Australian families are grieving, 1 Canadian family is grieving, 44 Malaysians have been lost, and the United Kingdom has lost 10 in the tragedy of MH17 according to the updated victim list by the BBC this morning. The CBC is also reporting this morning that the losses outside of the Commonwealth are great also. The Netherlands lost 173, Indonesia lost 12, Germany has 4 victims, Belgium lost 4, and the Philippines lost 3. There was one American on board who held dual citizenship between America and the Netherlands. The Daily Star Sunday reported on July 19 that Prince William has spoken out on behalf of the Royal family to express their deepest sorrow and condolences to the Commonwealth, and to the world at large.

The world mourns the loss of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, the press does not hold back in their fury.
The world mourns the loss of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, the press does not hold back in their fury.
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

On the front pages in Great Britain and all over the world today are the faces of the lost. The Observer showed a young couple that had just started their life together after a beautiful beach wedding, a wedding picture full of promise for a couple that lived out their vows together to the end.

The Sunday Mail in the UK honoured 2 families, John Allen and Andrew Hoare and their wives and 5 children in total were lost. The Sunday Times showed a picture of the 80 children that the world lost.

Yesterday Prince William of the Royal family was scheduled to speak at a public event unveiling the statue of "the first man to identify Australia as a continent" according to the Daily Star Sunday. In addition to attending to his duties, Prince William took a moment to express his condolences to the Commonwealth, and to the world, on the losses suffered in the tragedy of MH17.

"I know that I speak for all of us here when I acknowledge our deep sadness following the disaster in the Ukraine. For all of us who have lost fellow countrymen and women in the tragedy, words cannot do justice to our sense of loss. For Australians, and for our Malaysian brothers and sisters in the Commonwealth, the crash is a particularly cruel tragedy coming so soon after the loss of MH370. Please be assured of my family's thoughts and prayers at this time. "

Prince William was referring to the fact that the tragedy of the downed Malaysian Flight MH17 comes just months after the loss of Malaysian Flight 370. In the case of Malaysian Flight 370, as the world knows, the flight literally disappeared in thin air. The downing of MH17 is suspected as a terrorist act according to the BBC today. There is one Australian family that has lost family members in both of those flights.

That family is also a family in one of the Commonwealth nations. Kaylene Mann, of Sydney, Australia, has been grieving her brother after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared in March, according to CBS. CBS is also reporting that Kaylene just found out this Friday that her stepdaughter was on the passenger manifesto of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.

Kayelene's brother, Greg Burrows, told the Associated Press,

"It's just brought everyone, everything back. It's just…ripped our guts again. She just lost a brother and now a stepdaughter, so…."

Prince William is not the only world speaker speaking out about the atrocity. The BBC reports that Prime Minister for the UK David Cameron wrote in the Sunday Times today,

"This is an atrocity made in Moscow. The growing weight of evidence points to a clear conclusion: that flight MH17 was blown out of the sky by a surface-toa-rimissile fired from a rebel-held area….some international crises are insoluble. Not this one. In six weeks' time Britain will host a NATO Summit…at which the relationship with Russia will again take centre stage. It is up to Russia which path that relationship takes."

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