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Prince William, Kate Middleton, wedding next year?

Prince William and Kate Middleton to marry next summer?
Prince William and Kate Middleton to marry next summer?
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Prince William and Kate Middleton, wedding next year?

LONDON, England -- Prince William and Kate Middleton are to wed next summer, says the NY Post.
Prince William, son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, is the world's most eligible bachelor and it's said he will marry Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey.

"A date has been earmarked for a royal wedding next year," said a senior Abbey source to Britain's newspaper, the Daily Mail. While no date is fixed for Prince William and Kate Middleton, it's possible it will be the second week in August.

A relative of Prince William, German Prince Julius Eduard von Anhalt, announced that Prince William and Kate will make their engagement official in the fall and get married next July.

Prince William had once reported that he would not marry "until I'm at least 28." William became 28 in June this year, says the NY Post

Prince William and Kate Middleton, both age 28 have dated for 7 years and were at St. Andrews University together, reports Britain's Daily Mail.

The British press has called Kate "Waity Katie" because she has waited so long for a proposal from Prince William.

Prince William and Kate could chose August 31, who died on that date in 1997 when just 36 years old.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were married in Westminster Abbey in 1947 while Prince Charles and Diana were married in St Paul's.

One associate of the couple's told Britain's Daily Mail, "To be honest, next summer would be perfect. It's pretty much impossible for them to marry in 2012 due to the [Queen's Diamond] Jubilee and the London Olympics, which means that unless they take the plunge next year, Kate would have to wait until 2013 to walk down the aisle.

"She has been very patient so far, but I think that is asking rather too much -- even of her," reported the friend with respect to whether Kate Middleton and Prince William will marry. "William will be settled in his RAF role by then, and Kate would be allowed to spend the first few years of married life as an officer's wife, rather than a full-time royal."

Britons have closely watched the Prince William-Kate Middleton romance for years, including when they broke up while on vacation in Switzerland in 2007 and got back together several months later.

Buckingham Palace has not confirmed anything as yet.

"The only two people who know anything about their future plans are Prince William and Kate Middleton," said a spokesman.

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  • Jay Gordon 4 years ago

    With those looks, he might just be the most eligible bachelor in the world, even if he weren't a royal.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    So happy to hear the good news! Kate is a good match for Prince William. She already got practice of being patient for a life as a wife for an officer! Both are very "good looking!" After their wedding, hope people and paparazzi would leave them alone to enjoy each other!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago


  • Jodie J 4 years ago

    Nice to get good royal family news. Sounds like they really do know each other enough to make marriage work.

  • Profile picture of Patty Davis
    Patty Davis 4 years ago

    Dating for seven years is a good start. She will already know that there will be no private life.

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