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Prince William enrolls in classes for agricultural management

Prince William is currently enrolled in classes to further his education and get all the knowledge he can even though he already has learned a lot from his father, Prince Charles with regards to organic farming. The Duke of Cambridge traveled to London’s King Cross station to ready himself for his first day of school at St. John’s College.

Prince William leaves home for school for another degree!
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The program he is taking is organized b the Cambridge Program for Sustainability Leadership. William will be involved in one-on-one teaching as well as typical class work and have some involvement with other students also enrolled in the school. According to news reports on Jan.7 by CBS News and the National Post the Prince will be learning about land use, plant science and a deep emphasis on geography.

This learning experience will come in hand one day so he will have the where-with-all to one day manage the estate of Duchy of Cornwall from his father, Prince Charles. William already holds a degree in geography from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland from 2005.

When Prince William completes his course he will have a degree in agricultural management. Unlike his fellow colleagues at the school he won’t be required to sit through exams or be assessed during the length of the course. There will be a series of field trips he will need to attend, work in small groups for certain academic activities as well as have twenty hours of teaching time each week during his enrollment.

Prince William is following in his father’s footsteps. Prince Charles has a degree for Archaeology and Anthropology which he obtained in 1970. George VI also graduated from Cambridge. The Duke of Edinburgh was a chancellor of the university holding the terms from 1976 until 2011.

Good luck Prince William on your studies and future degree!

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