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Prince William engagement, why Kate gave the ring back (photos, video)

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Prince William engagement, why Kate gave the ring back (photos, video)

London -- The world is excited that a royal engagement has taken place. Prince William has now proposed to his girlfriend of eight years, Kate Middleton. The royal wedding is likely to take place in Westminster Abbey next spring or summer.

What do people say about the engagement?

"I'm ecstatic to finally have a sister," said Prince Harry of his new sister-in-law-to-be.

"We've had a lot of laughs together and we are delighted," say Kate Middleton's parents.

Any child their daughter Kate and William have will be next in line to the throne after Prince William himself.

"Kate will be brilliant for the country," says San Francisco resident and native Brit, Enid Davies. "She is young and beautiful and although she will never replace Princess Diana whom everyone loved dearly, she will be a breath of fresh air to the Royal Family."

CBS News reporter, Erica Hill says that having a big royal wedding in the middle of a recession will be a challenge for the organizers but already the UK is looking forward to the event and the tea towels and coffee mugs have been printed.

Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton when they were on a holiday in Kenya and he carried the diamond-and-sapphire-ring in his backpack for 3 weeks before proposing.

After the proposal and acceptance, the couple kept their engagement a secret.

Even Queen Elizabeth was surprised, but later "delighted," at the news of the proposal.

See the slide show on the left in the middle for new engagement pictures of the couple

On their breakup which happened in 2007, which in the end just made the relationship stronger, Kate Middleton said: "You go through good times and bad times."

Many may not know that Kate Middleton actually gave the ring back to Prince William. Why? Because she wanted to give it to him for safe keeping. She doesn't want to lose the diamond and sapphire ring that had been Princess Diana's when she got engaged to Prince Charles in 1981.

Prince William said he used his mother's engagement ring as a way to include her in the festivities and to remember her. Princess Diana died tragically in an accident in Paris.

See here for photos of the Balmoral holiday the couple took

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