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Prince William baby number 2 plans revealed as George is ‘crawling and eating’

Prince William baby number 2 plans revealed as George is ‘crawling and eating’
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Prince William’s baby plans to add a sibling to George were revealed on Monday. While visiting the Irish Guards barracks for St Patrick's Day with Kate, Prince William was asked by Regimental Sergeant Major Ray Collister whether there were plans for a second baby. According to a March 17, 2014, the Mirror report, Collister asked Prince William “if there were any more 'baby Micks' on the way, Micks being the nickname for the Irish Guards, and he replied: ‘Maybe one day. One's enough at the moment’."

As most parents do, Prince William and Kate were more than happy to talk to several soldiers and their families about their eight-month-old son George.

Guardsman Glenn Tierney, who was able to talk to William after the Duke had made a toast in the guardsmen’s cookhouse, said that it was amazing to meet the royal couple and that the proud parents were more than happy to indulge in his “nosey” questions.

In regard to George, William shared that “he's doing really well and he's very busy crawling and eating,” and that the family is excited about getting him ready to take him on a trip to Australia.

In regard to Prince William’s plans for baby number two, Sergeant Major Ray Collister added that William said what most first-time parents say when it comes to adding another member to the family. "He said maybe when there's time."