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Prince William and Catherine in Dragon Boat race, who won? (photos, video)

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Prince William and Catherine in Dragon Boat race, who won?

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San Francisco residents who are following the itinerary of the young married royals, Prince William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are learning that in the dragon boat race it was Prince William who won.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will not be visiting San Francisco on this visit to Canada and North America, although they will be heading to Los Angeles at the end of the week. Los Angeles is around an 8-hour drive from San Francisco.

See the royal couple's itinerary here: Prince William, Kate, North America itinerary revealed (photos, video)

Prince William and Catherine visited Quebec City without too much disruption from the protestors there. (See that article here: Quebec City protests likely as Will and Kate tour (photos, video) )

San Francisco resident, Emily Black, says, "She's so lovely isn't she? I can see why the Canadians have fallen in love with her and why she has become Canada's darling. With all the bad news around these days, it's so nice to see this young couple in love and being good ambassadors."

The couple competed with each other in the Dragon Boat race at Dalvay-by-the-Sea, on Prince Edward Island.

William and Kate had been given the task of steering their team mates to victory as they crossed a lake in the province of Prince Edward Island, according to the Guardian newspaper.

US Weekly reports that everyone was trying to be in the boat that Kate (or Catherine as she is now officially known) was in!

According to, Prince William got wet when he went into the boat to start rowing. William, in his blue checkered shirt and gray cords told onlookers, "Only half of me got wet!"

When the race was over the young royals, both age 29, walked along the waterfront to recoup and to sample some of the local cuisine. They sampled delicacies like chocolate covered potato crisps and the area's famous lobster.

Catherine said she loved all the local food in Canada.

Earlier, Prince William had taken part in helicopter manouvres called 'water birding' across Dalvay lake in Charlottetown, Canada. Prince William is a trained RAF pilot.

After this visit, according to the Guardian newspaper, the royal couple will head to the remote city of Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories. The city is above 60 degrees latitude, so the sun is unlikely to ever set during their stay.

In Prince Edward Island, the royal couple have been so popular that crowds have been waiting to see them and the streets are lined with crowds six people deep. (See that article here: Prince William, Kate visit Prince Edward Island, crowd six deep (photos, video))

Throughout the tour of Canada, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has been wearing the engagement ring that Prince William gave her and which had once been the engagement ring of Princess Diana. (See that article here: Prince William engaged, ring belonged to Princess Diana)


See part of the Prince William and Catherine tour in the video to the left. See new photos of the royal couple on the left too.

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