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Prince: Sweet semi-feral with possible urinary blockage needs funds for vet

Prince needs help
Prince needs help
Nikki Turner

This is a stray kitty that a foster in North Carolina has been trying to gain trust with. He has slowly come around but needs more time to trust fully. Now Prince has a problem that could easily take his life.

Nikkie Turner received a call tonight from Terri who told her that she noticed Prince, a stray semi-feral, was crying and taking a bit longer than normal cats to pee.

It's never been noticed before since he is a stray who is still skittish, but today he decided he was claiming the new mulch for his own & did his business right there where she just laid it.

After squatting down for a bit of time he started crying while peeing.... If he even did pee that is... Its outside in newly laid mulch thats damp so you can't tell. Again later in the evening he went to the neighbors yard and she watched to see the same thing happen with poor Prince, who is obviously in pain....

Nikkie is in fear Prince has a urinary blockage & if so it can kill him very quickly. She needs help to help Prince before its too late. If he is blocked it will kill him if not treated in time but she doesn't have the funds to treat him. Please help if you can. The vet expects upfront payment so they will not treat animals till funding is there

Nikkie will be calling the vet tomorrow morning to get an estimate for best case and worst case scenarios. She will update then, so for now the goal is $1,000 until more is known.

Right now, Prince is being caught and $160 has been raised.

Please share and please help if you can. A fundraiser page can be found by clicking here.

If you rather donate to the vets office directly, contact information is below.

Indian Trail Animal Hospital


Tell them your wanting to make a donation for Prince, Moo's Misfits or Nicole Turner

Any help is appreciated. An update on Prince will be made as soon as he's seen and treated.

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