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Prince Harry woos Cressida with home cooking, and Estonia with friendship

Prince Harry visits The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment who are participating in the 'Spring Storm' NATO military exercises on May 17, 2014 near Kanepi, Estonia.
Prince Harry visits The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment who are participating in the 'Spring Storm' NATO military exercises on May 17, 2014 near Kanepi, Estonia.
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Every girl knows that while it is one thing to have a night out at the club with a knight in shining armour, it is an entirely different thing when that knight cooks a lady a home cooked meal. When that knight is Prince Harry, the home cooking is all that more meaningful. So if Paige Collins the go-go dancer had high hopes of a relationship after being spotted with Prince Harry at a London club this weekend, they may be dashed after Vanity Fair reported on May 27 that Prince Harry spent the night in with Cressida Bonas at Kensington Palace just this week.

This is a royal couple that has become skilled at keeping things below the radar. Was Prince Harry throwing royal watchers a red herring when he was spotted downing vodka shots with Paige Collins at Chakana Club last weekend? Quite possibly. Vanity Fair is reporting on May 27 that in the same week, Prince Harry worked steadily to get back into the heart of Cressida by cooking her a home cooked meal at Kensington Palace.

Palace sources have in fact told Vanity Fair that Prince Harry is “apparently trying every trick in the book to woo Cressida back”. The palace source also confirmed to Vanity Fair that Prince Harry is quite the smitten kitten with his former gal pal Cressida Bonas. His evening at Chakana was organized by some of his army mates who wanted to help him get his mind off things.

“His friends organized a night out for him because Harry has been so miserable lately. He is not over Cressida, and if he could have his way, he would be back with her.”

Surely the Queen will be pleased by this latest news. Many royal watchers know full well that the Queen was quite displeased to hear Prince Harry’s time with a go-go dancer made top headlines around London. The Queen may also favour Cressida’s approach, as palace sources are indicating it is Cressida calling the shots in this breakup.

“The ball is in her court as to whether they get back together. She loves Harry, but she really doesn’t love what comes with being a royal girlfriend.”

Vanity Fair is also reporting that their palace source has confirmed that Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge certainly had a hand in the Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas breakup, but not in the way that many people think. Kate Middleton did not in fact encourage Cressida to breakup with the Prince, Cressida came to that conclusion all on her own according to this palace source, after watching the smitten Royal Couple Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton on their Royal Australian Tour.

“Cressida watched Kate on the royal tour of Australia and New Zealand and totally freaked. She just said, ‘There’s no way I can do that.’”

This potential reconciliation in the works will be just one of many points in Prince Harry’s favour with the Queen of late. Not only will she be pleased with the bonds he is reforming with Cressida, but she is also reportedly pleased about his recent work in Estonia.

The Army Mod, the news outlet for the UK Army reports that an official Bond of Friendship was formed between the soldiers of the UK and the soldiers of Estonia during Prince Harry’s most recent military mission to Estonia. Prince Harry met with the President of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves recently to confirm the official bond of friendship between the two sets of troops.

This was not the first time the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment (1 LANCS) will have met with the Estonian Army. The two armies have an extensive history working together, and successfully completed multiple missions in Afghanistan over the years. Ties between 1 LANCS and the Scouts Battallion of the Estonian troops go back to 2005 when both troops performed a similar exercise as the formal friendship bond between Prince Harry and Toomas Hendrick Ilves.

90 soldiers from the UK The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment are currently deployed within several regions of the Baltic states, including representation in the United States, Lithuania, and Latvia. The Estonians are currently under the Duke of Lancaster command throughout these operational tours, in a combined force that has become known as the “Lions of Helmand” as both units have lions on their uniforms.

By all accounts, Prince Harry appears to be growing up, and becoming well skilled in making friendship and amends with all primary parties. The Bond of Friendship between the UK and Estonia is just one natural extension of that. And many royal watchers are hoping that a reconnected bond with Cressida Bonas will be another extension of that.

What are your thoughts on Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas? Are you too hoping they get back together? Or is there someone more suited to the Prince out there waiting for him?

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