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Prince Harry's dirty secret comes out, Cressida Bonas calls on Kate Middleton

It was just another day, another line of duty for Prince Harry when he appeared at the Ministry of Defense building known as the Royal United Services Institute to attend a First World War conference. Although it may not have been the most exciting event on the Prince's calendar this month, it was one that revealed an interesting secret of the Prince when some alarm bells went off at the Ministry of Defense. Prince Harry, referred to as Captain Harry Wales for his military missions, was one of many evacuated from the First World War conference when the fire alarm went off according to the Telegraph on July 18. Meanwhile, across town, his former girlfriend Cressida Bonas has been setting off alarm bells herself when spotted walking the streets of London with a mystery man, in a figure hugging mini-dress, after reportedly calling on Kate Middleton to help her resume her royal couple status.

Is this Royal couple over for good? Or is the glamorous half of the other Royal couple trying to squeeze these two back together? Prince Harry looks perplexed at Polo.
Photo by Mike Marsland/Getty Images

The Royal United Services Institute was founded in 1831 by the Duke Of Wellington and as such one steeply entrenched in conservative British principles. As such, it would take more than a fire alarm to send this group "into a flap." According to the Telegraph yesterday however, this past Thursday the entire building was in a bit of a flap when an evacuation was ordered due to an unscheduled fire alarm.

Captain Harry Wales along with the Duke of Kent, the President of the Institute were evacuated along with the Chiefs of General Staff. A palace source told the Telegraph,

"I've seldom, if ever, seen so many panjandrums move quite so quickly. Harry seemed to find it all mildly amusing and it was a chance to top up his tan."

The reason for the sudden fire alarm, according to the Telegraph, was that,

"BT inadvertently cut into a cable during work in the building, so we had to get everyone to assemble outside the Ministry of Defense. It wasn't too long before they were all allowed back in."

Not too long at all by all reports, and just long enough for Prince Harry to engage in his dirty little secret. According to a separate report by the Telegraph last week, Prince Harry's dirty secret is one that he shares with 1 in 3 Brits. As the Telegraph reports, Prince Harry is part of a "nation of secret smokers."

And it was just this dirty secret he reportedly engaged in when evacuated from the Ministry of Defense. Other famous Brits that reportedly engage in the habit include Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta Jones, and David Cameron.

The Telegraph is also reporting that Prince Harry is not the only world leader that engages in the odd puff break. Additionally, President Barack Obama has not been able to break his 30-year relationship with the fiery "death sticks", despite having told his wife he would give it up for a run in the White House.

Meanwhile across town, while Prince Harry was experiencing alarm bells, his former girlfriend Cressida Bonas was reportedly setting some off herself according to Fashion & Style July 17. Fashion & Style reports that Cressida Bonas appeared at The Rosemary Branch Theatre this week looking sexier than ever, and walking in with a mystery man to boot.

Thespian and dancer extraordinaire, 24-year-old Cressida Bonas appeared at The Rosemary Branch Theatre this week for one of her matinee performances in her current work production "There's a Monster in the Lake." Cressida was spotted in sneakers and a figure hugging T-shirt dress but her most notable accessory was the mystery man she was seen walking with.

In all likelihood Mr. Mystery Man is one of her fellow cast members in "There's a Monster in the Lake" but could there be more to this story? This was not the first time Cressida was spotted with this man, as she was also seen in a park with him recently by The Daily Mail who reported he was "picking her up" and "swinging her" like a little girl.

The Independent is reporting that this is all due to a recent phone call between Kate Middleton and Cressida Bonas. The Independent reports that about a month ago, Cressida called upon Kate to ask for help again in relaunching her own Royal Couple status with Prince Harry. A palace source told the Independent,

"Kate had taken Cress under her wing and showed her the Royal ropes. They really bonded and Kate was quite upset when she and Harry split as it reminded her of when she separated from William in 2007. Back then, when she realised she wanted him back Kate slipped into her slinkiest outfits, went to William's favourite night spots, got seen with other guys – and did everything she could to make her ex realise what he was missing. Now Cress is using the same tactic. Cressy has upped her game since she split with Harry. It was Kate's idea. She told Cressy to really plan her look before she ever steps out the house."

Well she may not be an official part of a Royal couple, but by all accounts she is still just as much of the royal circuit as ever, and almost more talked about than many in the actual Royal family. This is good news for Royal watchers hoping for a reunion with the youngest Royal couple of them all.

What do you think? Do you think there's a chance for the Royal Couple Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas? Or have they really moved on? What do you think about Prince Harry's not so secret habit?

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