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Prince Harry's birthday wish, no more war, still looking for love despite claims

It was almost 17 years ago today, when the youngest Prince in the Royal Family had to say goodbye to the woman that had thus far in his life been the only one to teach him the lesson of unconditional love. At the ripe age of just 12-years-old, the sombre Prince Harry walked behind the coffin of his mother, Princess Diana, leaving a card that simply said, "Mummy." Today, as the young Prince is about to mark the anniversary of the most tragic event in his life, and to many the most tragic event in the history of the world, he is also searching for the perfect birthday wish to make as his thirtieth birthday draws nigh. That wish is still unconditional love. For the past 17 years, Prince Harry has been looking for that one woman that would be the next in his life to tell him the story of unconditional love, and to date he has been unsuccessful. Indeed the Herald Sun has reported on Aug. 29 that unconditional love is precisely what the Prince wants as he turns 30, but he is not necessarily seeking it from Camilla Thurlow despite recent claims.

The first woman Prince Harry ever loved, Princess Diana.
Max Anderson Associated Press

Recent claims from both Vanity Fair and the Huffington Post have surfaced this week that the world's most eligible bachelor has indeed finally found his perfect match. This was reported after Prince Harry spent last weekend in St. Tropez with a beautiful girl. But is Camilla Thurlow really the next in line for Prince Harry's girlfriend list? Or was that just a weekend for him to get his mind off of what he really wants for his birthday?

After 17 unsuccessful years of a search for unconditional love, the Herald Sun is reporting that Prince Harry has opted to take a different approach in his quest. The Herald Sun has reported that a girlfriend is not necessarily the way he anticipates accepting love this time around, and is saying that what Prince Harry really wants for his upcoming thirtieth birthday is a black labrador dog.

This is likely not going to be great news for Camilla Thurlow. Like many girls who become smitten with a man, visions and dreams of a future with them preoccupy their minds. After a weekend in St. Tropez with the world's most eligible single man, a weekend that has been followed with a media flurry over Harry's alleged "new girl", Camilla has likely spent an exceptional amount of time envisioning what life will be like for herself as a member of the Royal Family, should she be so lucky.

But will she?

She has more than a few tough acts to follow, most notably the very tough act of the late Princess Diana. Thurlow will need to find a way to convince Harry that she can offer him the unconditional love he has been seeking for 17 years, since the world's most beloved Princess, and the Prince's only example of true love, passed away. It's a daunting task, and one that not many before her have been able to accomplish.

Is it possible that Camilla's hopeful weekend in St. Tropez with a handsome young Prince could get trumped by a black labrador retriever? If reports in the Herald Sun are correct, then yes. The Herald Sun said yesterday,

"A pet would offer companionship and an uncomplicated love that thus far seems to have eluded him."

Prince Harry it seems has been heartsick since he was 12, when he said goodbye to the only woman he had ever known or loved. Since then he's been seeking it from a variety of sources, and has yet to find his perfect match.

Chelsy Davy was one of the first in line to experience the serious side of the affable red headed Royal Family member. Close friends of the Prince have described that coupling as "the right relationship at the wrong time." But Chelsy, like many women that followed her, reportedly caught an inside glimpse of the life that took away the life of the woman Prince Harry loved the most, and fled the relationship not wanting the life of a Royal wife.

Sexy lingerie model, Florence Brudnell-Bruce would be the next hopeful love for the dashing young Prince, but even she was not able to succumb to the media pressures of dating the world's most eligible single man. Florence, now married and carrying her first child, was able to move on, while Prince Harry's quest for unconditional love continued.

When the free spirited bohemian princess wanna be Cressida Bonas entered the scene, and stayed on the scene for years, Royal Watchers became hopeful for Prince Harry that he had finally found The One. Even socialite Cressida Bonas however, a dancer and thespian accustomed to paparazzi, reportedly could not handle the media scrutiny.

One can't help but wonder how Camilla Thurlow will be any different? According to recent reports by Prince Harry himself, it is a question that even he is asking himself. According to the Herald Sun, Prince Harry has recently stated,

"How am going to get a girl who will accept being plagued by the media for my sake?"

Camilla is likely protesting this point, likely considering that unlike many before her, she will be able to "handle it" much better than anyone else. But will she really? Being able to "handle it" was not something that even Princess Diana could do, and handling the media scrutiny as a member of the Royal Family cost Princess Diana her life.

The question still remains, how will Camilla Thurlow be any different? Or is the question irrelevant, if in fact this trip to St. Tropez with Prince Harry last weekend was just that, a frivolous weekend to sop up the last lovely days of summer.

Friends of the Prince are describing Harry's approach to love as "genuinely fretful", likely an understatement considering he lost his own mother to media scrutiny. A close friend to the Prince has recently said,

"The truth is, Harry's love life is a bit of a mess. He is more on his own than ever, which is not something he relishes."

Now, as his thirtieth birthday draws nigh, Harry's friends are saying his birthday gifts will likely help him begin to see all of his birthday wishes come together. The Queen is reportedly helping the Prince in this regard, and gifting Prince Harry with the £10 million pound home in the country for his thirtieth birthday. A friend has said that this will be a small new beginning for the Prince as he turns 30 and remembers the 17th anniversary of his mother's death,

"Getting his own place in the country will make him very happy. He's a country boy at heart. All he wants now are some dogs."

But a "country boy at heart" with the wish of some dogs for his birthday are not the only wishes Prince Harry has. He is also a born military man, and entered the military as part of his Royal duties. Even though he dutifully answered that call, it is a call that beckoned his own personal desires, as those close to the Prince know that a beautiful dog and a beautiful home in the country aren't the only things that the Prince wants for his birthday. World peace is at the top of that list as well.

One of his military comrades has described Prince Harry as the perfect example of a soldier, and one of his "reasons for being."

"It has given him so much. In many ways it is his identity and his raison d'etre. He is now a career soldier first and foremost."

His commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Tom de la Rue agrees, saying,

"The thing that stands out most about Harry is his amazing personal touch. He's completely genuine. He knows what makes people tick, and he's got huge empathy. I'm tremendously proud of his achievement, but I'm not entirely sure it's been captured in its fullest sense – the difficulty, the complexity, the level of achievement that he's had to reach is extraordinary.

That he deployed to an operational theatre and was a co-pilot gunner in a counter insurgency campaign is remarkable. I hope that's remembered about him for a very, very long time. There's always speculation Harry was treated differently. I trained him. I deployed him. And I can tell you he genuinely wasn't."

Today, Prince Harry is trying to live as normal a life as possible, eagerly anticipating his new home in the country while working the desk at London's district headquarters for the Army in the Horse Guards Parade. The desk job enables him to continue his Royal duties and work on his charitable responsibilities. But even those charity events are often fueled by his love for the British Army.

Prince Harry's most recent charitable commitment is of course the Invictus Games that will be held mid-September in London's Olympic Park. The Games are so important to Prince Harry that when he took to the world of Twitter for the first time, a history making move to some, it was about the Games that he was tweeting according to The Guardian.

Organizer for the event Sir Keith Mills said,

"Without his initiative, the Invictus Games simply wouldn't be happening. Harry has been involved every day. He has pulled his sleeves up and has got stuck in."

The Invictus Games is a sporting event known world wide that honors the injured, wounded, and sick service men in the military. It is a global event that has been inspired by the U.S. Warrior Games according to The Guardian. An estimated 40,000 tickets will be sold, and an estimated 400 competitors from a total of 14 countries will be participating.

Prince Harry's involvement in the Invictus Games, is likely inspired by his mother's love and desire for peace on Earth. Many Royal watchers know that many of his own charitable involvements have been modeled straight out of the late Diana's own diary. As Harry rolls his sleeves up and becomes involved in the Games, the world will witness his pursuit of one of his birthday wishes, love to the servicemen who fight for world peace every day.

But what about his other birthday wish, that of the long pursued acquisition of unconditional love? Will Camilla Thurlow be in attendance as the Prince's companion at the Games? If so, there may be some credence to reports that she will be in the Prince's life for some time. If not, perhaps "companionship and uncomplicated love" will be sought by the Prince when he moves to the countryside and acquires some new dogs.

What do you think? Do you think Camilla Thurlow will be a keeper? She certainly does not fit the blonde "Princess Diana" prototype Prince Harry has dated to date. Or is Camilla Thurlow just a passing fancy and Prince Harry is likely to seek love from a black lab?

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