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Prince Harry goes public with British troops at Polo, & private with old flame

Prince Harry is celebrating a big win after this past weekend, and maybe even more than one win if sources are correct. The first win for Prince Harry was a public one, as ABC News reported on July 13 that Prince Harry assisted his comrades in the British Army in trouncing the British Navy in a friendly polo match. The New York Daily News also confirms today that Prince Harry played a lead role in securing the win at the Rundle Cup this Saturday for the British Army, and was even given a shout out by a professional player.

Who doesn't love to look at a Prince on a horse?  Prince Harry spotted here in "active duty" fighting for the Rundle Cup at Tidworth Polo Club on July 12, 2014 in Tidworth, England.
Photo by Mike Marsland/Getty Images

And, if palace sources for Royal watchers with their eyes on his private life are correct, Prince Harry also secured a private win with an old flame recently, one that has been referred to as one that is "discreet" in nature.

Prince Harry certainly knows his way around a Polo match. Just last month he beat out his own brother Prince William in a match that displayed sportsmanship and healthy sibling rivalry. Those skills of competition certainly came in handy for the Prince this past weekend. ABC News Sara Haines reports on July 13 that Prince Harry was "lookin' good" when he assisted the British Army in beating the British Navy in the fight for the Rundle Cup at the Tidworth Polo Club in England this past Saturday.

At the end of the match, it was the British Army that took the Rundle Cup home. Naturally, the win "wasn't a surprise" for one of the true sports superstars. The New York Daily News reports today that Nacho Figueras, who plays polo full time for Argentina when not modelling for Ralph Lauren, was quite impressed with Prince Harry's skills this past weekend.

The New York Daily News reports that the hunky Argentian superstar said about the Prince,

"For someone who doesn't play for a living, he's very good."

That should come of no surprise to Royal watchers who enjoy watching Prince Harry exercise his smashing polo skills whenever possible. But polo is not the only thing Prince Harry is good at, he is also very skilled at keeping relationships smooth in every area of his life, long after they have reportedly finished.

It was not just relationships between the British Army and British Navy that Prince Harry was smoothing out recently. Palace sources have confirmed with the Daily Mail that the Prince has reconnected with one of his old flames, but to what extent remains to be seen.

The Daily Mail confirmed this weekend that Prince Harry has been reconnecting with a former flame. The former flame in question was not a Miss Cressida Bonas, but rather a Miss Caroline Flack, and this former Royal couple have reportedly "connected by phone." Both the Daily Mail and the Mirror UK are confirming that it was the Prince who initiated this point of contact, and both sources also confirm that he has done so in just a "friendly" manner.

Royal watchers that have been following the romantic adventures of Prince Harry for some time will remember when he and Caroline Flack dated briefly in 2009. Caroline Flack, a stunning television presenter was the lucky lady Prince Harry dated after he split with his long term love Chelsy Davy.

Interestingly enough however, the Daily Mail is saying their Palace source has confirmed that Prince Harry enjoys connecting with Miss Caroline Flack. It also sounds like he has been doing so for some time. Palace sources told the Daily Mail that,

"They have been in contact by phone. Harry likes to keep in touch with his old girlfriends and he knows Caroline is fun and discreet. In fact, someone mentioned his name the other day and Caroline got flustered and went bright red."

What could Caroline have possibly gotten so flustered about? The same sources that confirm that Caroline and Prince Harry have been chatting it up again have also confirmed that the Miss Flack is also still dating Jack Street. The Mirror UK reports that as far as anything romantic happening between Caroline and the Prince right now, that is one Royal couple that are only going to remain friends…for the time being.

Do you think Prince Harry is trying to snag Caroline Flack from Jack? Or is Prince Harry trying to get this Royal couple back on track?

Or do you think they really are just harmless discreet friends?

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