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Prince Harry clips his own wings with plans to take army to new heights

Prince Harry will hang up his helmet and bomber jacket to plant his feet firmly on the ground in London. While still attending to Army matters, he will come home to London to work behind the scenes bringing the army to new heights.

Kate Middleton and Prince William soon to have another realitive roaming the halls of Kensington Palace as Prince Harry is returning to London giving up his pilot gig with the army.
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

According to MSN News on Jan. 17, Harry’s trading his space in the sky for a desk firmly planted on the ground, but what he has planned could take London to new heights. He is advocating to bring an event he attended in Colorado to his turf and if anyone can do this, its Harry.

Capt. Wales, which is what Harry is called by his fellow army troupes, will use his status to organize commemorative events and other important celebratory affairs for the army. One of his biggest goals is to bring the Warrior Games to London.

The Warrior Games are Olympic-like games for wounded warriors. Since Harry attended the Warrior Games in Colorado last year he has been eager to get them to the U.K., as the games left Harry extremely impressed.

Kensington Palace said that work going on today behind the scenes is bringing Britain closer to possibly hosting the inaugural International Warrior Games. If anyone could pull that together it would be Prince Harry!

Now that Harry will be in London more often, will he also take on the role of babysitting his nephew, Prince George, when Kate and William need to step out? This new position apparently buts him in the bosom of his family more than his previous appointment in the army, so will he brush up on uncle duties while organizing military affairs?

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