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Prince Georgeous birthday surprises,for Kate Middleton,Prince William, the world

It was one year ago today at precisely 4:24 in the afternoon local London, England, time when a new era for the monarchy was born. The next day, the proud Kate Middleton and Prince William stepped onto the steps of London's St. Mary's Hospital, to announce the long awaited arrival of the future king. The newest Royal family photo that followed included Kate Middleton, wearing a blue polka-dotted Jenny Packham dress, with Prince William by her side and Prince George in her arms was snapped and shown all around the world. And Royal watchers that have been loyal to the monarchy for over 3 decades had a sense of déjà vu, as this new Royal family photo was not unlike the one taken with Prince Charles and Princess Diana, also in polka dots at London's St. Mary's Hospital, when the birth of their future king Prince William was announced. Today, CTV News announces a very happy first birthday to the little boy who will one day be king, noting the Royal Mint has a very special gift for the Prince indeed, as do many others.

Kate Middleton runs after Prince George at Royal Charity Polo during the Maserati Jerudong Trophy at Cirencester Park Polo Club on June 15, 2014 in Cirencester, England.
Photo by Chris Jackson

CTV News also reports it will be a low key family affair for the Royal family today as the Royal couple celebrates the first year of the third in line to the throne. The celebration will take place at the newly renovated Kensington Palace and will be an intimate affair with family only. After all of the renovation work that Kate Middleton has been putting into Kensington Palace, it will likely be a party fit for a king.

While that party is going on, the Royal Mint will be working on a release of 7,500 sterling coins in honour of Prince George's special day. CTV reports that the design was approved by the Queen herself, as well as by Kate Middleton and Prince William before finally being approved by Treasury Secretary George Osborne.

What gifts will the Royal couple and the royal family be bringing to the affair that could top the gifts he has already received from the world?

Today, just one year old and Prince Georgeous has graced more covers than many A-listers, and earned more nicknames than most as well. He's being called everything from the "world's most eligible infant" to the "republican slayer", in an effect that is known and felt around the world. The George effect.

One can't help but wonder how poor Prince William must be feeling? As grand as his entry into the world was, and as marvelous as his first year was received, his son seems to have raised the bar on treatment fit for a king.

Granted, had Prince William and the beloved Princess Diana graced those steps in a world where social media existed, the story might be different today. By all accounts, Prince William is nothing but bursting with pride over his tumbling little man.

Before taking the birthday into the privacy behind the gates of Kensington Palace, the Royal couple Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrated his birthday with the public at the Natural History Museum where the George effect became enchanted by the butterfly effect. The moments where Prince George enjoyed the "Sensational Butterflies" where captured on film by the Press Association's John Stillwell, who took the pictures for the royal family to be released on the cusp of his first birthday.

John Stillwell told Us Weekly about some traits he admired in the little Prince, that will make the monarchy even more excited to see this young man grow up. After working with Prince George he used character traits fit for a King,

"He was very lively, very confident, and very sure of himself. He's a very determined young boy. And who does he look like? I'd have to say his dad, William."

Watching Prince George become enchanted by butterflies was not the only show stopping moment of the day. It was a grand moment that tugged the heartstrings of Royal watchers all over the world, as they finally saw their beloved Prince take his first toddling steps in public. This photo was released as a special birthday photo as well, and one new Royal watchers knew was just around the corner.

It was only recently that Royal watchers were tickled over the sight of the Prince giving his mother a run for her money while he toddled around the Cirencester Park Polo Club in England just weeks ago. Not that Kate Middleton will ever have to worry about her Prince George running off on her. The whole world is watching what this little King to be is going to do next.

He has already gained superstar status, what milestone could he possibly have next?

The many surprises he has received this year, including magazine covers and nicknames like "republican slayer", are not just surprises for Prince George, but birthday gifts in their own rights to the world, and particularly the monarchy and the Commonwealth Nations. Camilla Tominey, a commentator on Royal affairs for the Sunday Express, told NBC News,

"Prince George has signaled the start of a new era for the royal family, and I think he has engendered a lot more interest in the royal family, especially from youngsters. The whole scene has been reinvigorated by William, Kate, Prince Harry and now baby George, because he represents the future. When Kate and William first stepped out on the Lindo wing and presented George to the world, really it was the dawning of a new era for the royal family. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their baby are stars of the show now.”

And the star of Prince George has most recently graced the cover of Vanity Fair, People, Hello Magazine, and many, many others with Vanity Fair dubbing Prince George as, "the world's most eligible infant."

Robert Jobson, Royal editor of the London Evening Standard concurred with Camilla Tominey on the notion that the energy of Prince George in this world is exciting to the monarchy. He told NBC News,

“The birth of Prince George has given new zest, new vitality to the monarchy. The fact that he made the cover of Vanity Fair before age one is certainly impressive, and shows you that the monarchy is certainly relevant to the younger generation. When you have a queen who is 88 and the Duke of Edinburgh who is in his 90s, they need that new injection.”

The other surprises Prince George has offered the world is the determination that is necessary when managing international affairs. In that area, Prince George has earned the name "republican slayer" before he even turned one year old. This nickname came to the future King in the Spring during the Royal Australian tour.

Australia is an integral component of the monarchy and the Commonwealth Nations, but the Australian reputation is that they do not want the monarch of their country's head of state to be British. NBC is reporting that mentality began to diminish when Prince Georgeous arrived Down Under and charmed his way into the hearts of Australia.

Once the Royal couple and their beloved third in line arrived back in the UK, the headlines and opinion polls began to show a rise in support for the monarchy, according to Camilla Tominey. She said,

"The Australians dubbed Prince George the republican slayer because any sentiment really washed away when they all saw this unbelievably adorable chubby cheeked boy looking feisty and ready to go."

All of this before his first birthday.

Today however, the toddling future King will not be slaying republicans or catching butterflies. It will be a quiet day at home with his loved ones. Those loved ones have marked some memorable quotes and personal thoughts for Prince George on this special day, according to the International Business Times UK. The International Business Times has gathered some quotes from Royal family members on their wishes and thoughts about their special man, and the monarchy's future king on this special day,

"He's growing up, he is walking, and he has big, chubby cheeks. He looks like a young Winston Churchill. [My wish] To make sure he has a good upbringing, and keep him out of harm's way and to make sure he has fun. The rest I'll leave to the parents." ~ Prince Harry

"He's amazing. He's a very dear boy. He's brought a lot of pleasure and fun for all of us, the whole family. He's very characterful. He's sort of brought us all together and we love spending weekends with him. He's very funny." ~ Pippa Middleton

"Grandparenthood is a unique moment in anyone's life, as countless kind people have told me. So I am enormously proud and happy to be a grandfather for the first time…It's an incredibly special moment for William and Catherine and we are so thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy. He'll be known as Georgie in no time." ~ Prince Charles

"He's absolutely beautiful. We're so thrilled." ~ Carole Middleton

They are sentiments that the entire world echoes, as the world waits with breath that is baited on where and how the George effect will be seen next. The BBC reports that the next personal milestone that Prince George will experience will be an overnight separation from his mother for the first time.

The BBC is reporting that Kate Middleton will be attending Malta in the Fall, in an official visit that will be her first without her husband or her son. Kate Middleton is said to be making the visit to "represent the Queen" to honor the 50 year anniversary of Maltese Independence. Kate Middleton will arrive on September 20 and depart Malta on September 21, meaning she will only be away from her Prince's for the first time for one evening.

Luckily for the little Prince, he will not have to worry about that anxious moment until late September. Until then, he will enjoy today's moment and the many more to follow as we wish a very happy birthday to Prince Georgeous!

What birthday wishes do you have for Prince George?

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