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Prince George outshines Kate Middleton and commands the room

Prince George steals the show while in New Zealand.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton’s limelight was dimmed a bit as her baby Prince George took center stage during recent engagements in New Zealand. Kate and William also stepped out of that privacy shell and shared more than they ever have with folks about what their family life was like. Some say you can tell the personality of a baby by the way he plays with others and if this is the case, one might say that George was born to be a leader, suggests the National Post on April 13.

As the Queen draws closer to the end of her days as head of the monarch, she must be glowing with pride today over William's new family. William and his wife Kate, along with her great-grandson, baby George, really did win over the hearts of the people they went to visit. As the National News suggests, the Queen now knows the future of her monarch is in excellent capable hands.

Kate and William met with several couples who are also first time parents and who had children about the same age as George. At first Kate sat with George on her lap, but he wasn’t going to sit there and not mingle. He also spotted toys that he wanted to explore.

According to People Magazine, George played with 10 other children in his first ever play date. He showed he was “king of the room,” as he “boldly grabbed toys” that caught his fancy. This is when the world first learned that George knows how to crawl and that he did. He headed over to the toys that he wanted and nothing was going to stand in his way, said one father who was there with his child.

While at this meet and greet event, Kate and William couldn’t help but open up about their new life as a family along with all the other first time parents. What was learned was that George didn’t sleep through the night until they started him on solid foods at about five-months-old.

They also learned that he is bigger than the average baby of his age and he has five teeth already. It is William who mashes up his potatoes and vegetables for him, that was one of his duties that the proud dad shared with the crowd. When George took off in a crawl to play around the other kids, it looked as if William was having a hard time adapting.

William jokingly described the scene as “madness-there are babies everywhere.” This trip is being compared to 1983 when Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited with a nine-month-old Prince William in tow. Back then Diana was the star of the show, with baby William in a few cute pictures. This time around it is George everyone wants to see, along with George’s mother.

From the looks of things, Queen Elizabeth has much to be thankful for when it comes to family. She couldn’t ask for a more welcomed and loved family to go out and represent her on this trip to both New Zealand and Australia. It was great to see William and Kate share George and actually let him partake in playtime with the other children in a play date that the New Zealand government had set up.

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