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Prince George, new nanny: Kate and William find a gem as 3 week trip draws near

Prince George gets a new nanny, one that is married to her job!
Prince George gets a new nanny, one that is married to her job!

Prince George has a new nanny who was hand-picked by Kate Middleton and Prince William. The new nanny’s name has not been released, but she is in her 30s and she’s worked as a nanny for many years raising the kids of some very high-profile families, according to MSN News on March 10.

The new nanny will probably be the most famous nanny in the world, as Prince George is a future king, who is often in the news thanks to his famous parents and royal bloodline. This new nanny is not married, she also does not have a boyfriend, as she dedicates her life to raising the children of the people she is working for and this time around it’s Kate and William. She is described as someone "married to her job."

Sources say that Kate and William are busy getting the new nanny up to speed with Prince George’s schedule as they get ready to head for their three week trip to Australia and New Zealand in April.

Jessie Webb, who has been with the palace as a nanny for decades retired a few months after George was born, so a new nanny was needed. This nanny comes highly recommended by friends of Kate and William, who are happy to have her join the household to look after George.