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Prince George, new nanny, Kate and Wills get ready to travel down under

Prince George has a new nanny. Kate and Wills reportedly found a replacement for former caregiver Jessie Webb just in time for the new foursome to get ready to travel down under to New Zealand and Australia.

Prince George has a new nanny
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

According to People on March 10, the new member of this royal entourage originally comes from Spain, is in her late 30s, and has described herself as being "married to her job."

Prince George, his parents and his new nanny will be traveling to the other side of the world from their home in London for three weeks next month.

However, for now, the new minder is allegedly learning the ropes. Although not yet named as the official royal caretaker for the little prince, this woman who seems to be in charge has reportedly taken Prince George on an outing in Hyde Park.

Those who caught a glimpse of the park parade noticed a security guard strolling with a dark-haired female who was pushing the pram holding the young prince who is now seven months old.

Meanwhile, as Prince George gets a new nanny, Kate and Wills are away on a trip to the Maldives before reportedly going back to the United Kingdom to pick up their little one and head down under with the baby and their new staffer in tow.

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