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Prince George Bilby: Baby George meets Bilby at Australia Zoo

Prince George met a Bilby while visiting a zoo in Australia with his mom and dad. According to USA Today, the young prince spent part of his Easter Sunday at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney where he met all kinds of new creature friends. One of the best parts of the trip thus far was when George (all excited, kicking his legs and moving his arms), got to meet a Bilby -- a marsupial that looks like a rabbit/possum hybrid.

Prince George
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The 10-month-old boy's introduction to the Bilby was very sweet and he was very happy to see the creature -- but the meeting meant even more than George could understand. You see, the Bilby exhibit was named after George.

The Prince George Bilby Exhibit was officially opened just after George's July 2013 birth. The royal family had quite a special moment as they were able to get quite close to the Bilby and Prince William even got to feed it. Kate Middleton -- very mom-like -- didn't want her son getting too close because she was afraid he would grab the creature and hurt it. At one point Kate was heard saying, "He's trying to grab his ear." Prince George's day at the zoo ended shortly after.

"After the excitement of the George appearance with Bilby George, the baby was handed off to his nanny while Will and Kate toured other parts of the zoo, getting to pet a koala, meet an echidna (a spiny anteater), coo over kangaroos and wallabies, feed carrots to a giraffe and watch a bird show, laughing out loud when a bird of prey swooped over the heads of the media mob," reports USA Today.

Prince George and the Bilby got along swimmingly. If you haven't seen a video of their encounter yet, check out the one above. It's so stinkin' cute!

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