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Prince Charles furious: Trusted friend pens book on Charles' betrayal of Diana

Prince Charles is said to be furious as a man he trusted is penning a book on Royal Family secrets.
Prince Charles is said to be furious as a man he trusted is penning a book on Royal Family secrets.
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Charles is furious and feeling awfully betrayed at the moment. The man he considered a trusted friend has turned on him and penned a book airing out all the royal family dirty laundry that he was privy to while employed as royal press secretary for years, according to Mid Day on August 5.

This ex-royal staff person was there through it all, Diana’s love betrayed by Charles, the divorce and the inner secrets behind the gilded doors of the palace. Dickie Arbiter, who was the Queen’s press secretary and Charles’ trusted friend, had turned down many offers to pen a book on what he saw during his time with the royal family, apparently has changed his mind this time.

He doesn’t look at it as a story about Charles’ life, he looks at it as the story of his life and what a magnificent life he has had, thanks to the royals, the former friend conveys. Charles trusted Arbiter with his deepest secrets as he showed time and time again how loyal to the family he was, reports the New York Daily News.

Arbiter was there when Diana was crushed learning of Charles’ affair with Camilla. She married the Prince as a young girl, who was totally in love with him. Arbiter’s book is said to let out many of the secrets that have been kept under wraps all these years.

The royals have their team of lawyers going over Arbiter’s contract to see if there was anything there that would stop this book. They are also looking for legal ways in other directions to put a halt to this unauthorized biography of Charles, with the rest of the family’s skeletons thrown in for good measure.

So far it looks as if the book will roll off the presses as planned. A palace source describing how upset Prince Charles is over this said that he has been asking his other aides “Why do we have to go through this again?”

Arbiter is expected to rake in a good size fortune for his book and this seems odd from a man who has taken aim at others who have written about secrets of the royal family. Believe it or not, he still receives a pension from the royals.

In what are being called a compiling of “shock disclosures” the world is about to learn all about Diana’s humiliation when having to endure Charles and Camilla’s affair. A young wife and mother in love was raked through the coals by Charles, which is something that’s been said again and again.

What good could come from hearing it again? If for nothing else you would think this man wouldn’t want to subject William and Harry through another round of how his father wronged his mother with the woman he is now married to.

Many of the disparaging things written about Charles as a husband to Diana have come from outsiders and people who knew bits and pieces. This is someone who lived side by side with Charles and Diana during the turbulent days of their marriage.

William and Harry might not read this, but it will be headline news as soon as it comes out. Will these too men ever get a chance to live life without having their mother’s misery surface and detailed with a fine tooth comb? It is sad for William and Harry, and Kate too as this is the grandmother of her son. She doesn't want to see her husband have to endure another round of awful things said about the royals.

For someone who was that close to the royals Arbiter doesn’t seem to profess any shame about doing this to Diana’s two grown boys. His attitude about this being his life story is a bit flippant on his part, but he may have reasons for doing this he hasn’t shared with the public.

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