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Prince Charles embarks on first link in long transition to the throne

Prince Charles and the Queen start the shuffle, as the two merge teams for first link in long transition to the throne.
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Charles and his royal mum, Queen Elizabeth, are doing the shuffle today as a royal merger is underway. This is the first concrete sign of the long transition starting for Charles to slide onto the throne. Charles and the Queen each have their own teams that schedule their daily events and who communicate with the public on their behalf, but the two teams are merging together as one, according to on Jan. 20.

While this is said to be the first link in the throne transition, the Queen isn’t going anywhere too soon. The 87-year-old has her calendar full for this new year and she’s expected to keep that “packed schedule.”
This merger will allow Charles to start lessening the burden of royal work that his mom has endured for decades. She is still going strong with her royal duties, where most folks her age have been retired some 20 years by now.

It appears that the Queen has finally allowed Charles to step in and transition into her duties. With Prince Charles taking more of the Queen’s duties on, this means that Prince William and Prince Harry will need to take over some of their dad’s duties.

It seems to have all fallen into place nicely as William and Kate have moved to London to their new royal digs and Harry has given up flying the helicopter for the military in lieu of a desk job in London. It looks as if the boys are coming home and ready to start royal life to its fullest!

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