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Prime Minister of Malaysia says flight MH370 went down over Indian Ocean

Search for Malaysian flight
Search for Malaysian flight
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

New data is out about Malaysian flight MH370. On March 24, CNN confirmed that the flight went down over the Indian Ocean and is not considered missing now. They are informing everyone about this new development and said this was the earliest time they could share this information with the families. The families of the passengers and crew were notified before the information came out.

This flight disappeared with 239 passengers on it. At this time, it doesn't sound like there is any chance for survivors. They are certain that it went down into the Indian Ocean. They have found two items in the Indian Ocean that look like they could be from the plane, but that is not confirmed either.

At this time, they are saying the MH370 went down into the Indian Ocean. On Fox News, they are talking this morning about how they really don't feel like this is enough information to trust that the flight went down. They still don't have part of the airplane at all for confirmation. It is hard to know if you can trust this information, but at this time they are considering the flight in the Indian Ocean somewhere.