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Primary Care you Should Take while Ordering Custom T Shirts Screen Printing

Custom T Shirt Screen Printing
Custom T Shirt Screen Printing
Custom T Shirt Screen Printing

Custom T-shirts are a hot choice of advertisers as they are a very popular way of advertising by passing them out to the customers and employees. However, i have seen may fail cases and unsuccessful promotional campaign with screen printed T-shirts.

There must be some serious issues behind the failure, but the common issue is, purchasers didn’t understand how to get the best result using screen printing.

To ensure the you get great custom T-shirt in very cost effective manner. Here are some primary things you should need to know about Custom T-shirts Screen Printing before preparing an order.

Make Limited Choice of Colors
Always keep in your mind, when you are choosing a cost effective way; T-shirts screen printing cost based on colors you have chosen to be printed on the T-shirt. Yes, the more colors the more costly. This is because only one color is printed at a time. And for advertising purpose, you might have hardly 1 or 2 colors in your logo designs. And i would recommend you to go for screen printing when only 1 or 2 colors are desired.

Use only 100% Cotton with Screen Printing
Well, I personally recommend you to order only 100% cotton for the screen printing, You know why?

Pure cotton provides very soft and cozy feeling that other material can’t replicate. Pure 100% cotton reduces the chances of ink spreading; higher quality of screen printing. It is compatible with almost every ink and pure cotton have internal quality of better ink holding.

The Cost Per Printed Area
The price they offer is usually for a single design printing at only one location. If you would like to print design on multiple area, it will charge you extra. The reason is obvious, screen printed on multiple areas and more ink is involved.

Contrast Printing are Always Costly
The lighter ink always cost less and white cost least. But when you try to screen white color on dark garments would cost even more. Because lighter ink was screened twice on the garment. So be smart and choose light colored clothes, if you want screen color on dark one, be prepared to pay more.

So now onward, while ordering custom T-shirts screen printing, keep this basic knowledge in your mind. It would help you to reduce the cost and get the best custom T-shirt out of it.

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