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Primaries and Caucuses are far more important than most know

They are important

The New Year begins the 2014 election cycle with a sprint to November 4th. But many don’t have a clue as to the importance that primaries and caucuses play in the election process.

More often than not many candidates within each party compete to have their name on the ballot. Primaries and caucuses are a way to narrow the field of candidates on the ballot. With this being said the names we see on the ballot were not the only choices pre primary and caucus, but we generally wait till we see the ballot then decide. This is fundamentally wrong on our part as citizens. Many good or at least better choices never make the ballot of general election because they didn’t win their primaries.

Our duty as contributing citizens’ is to be involved in the primaries to insure the best of many are chosen to represent us. In business it is not prudent to only interview one person for a job opening, its common sense to interview many then select the best. This also applies to consumers when we seek goods and services. We comparison shop for many items we purchase. We also seek multiple bids for contractors and if we don’t we should. We don’t keep taking our vehicles to mechanics that don’t do good jobs of repairing them.

But when it comes to hiring people to represent us we collectively fail at properly vetting our employees. We assume the media, our co-workers, friends, and families have vetted our choices properly. Our voting due diligence resembles hiring a landscaper to do our heart surgery. We entrust everything that makes us a great nation, and everything that affects our lives, and the lives of those we care about to a person funded, and promoted by entities that wish only to distribute your hard earned money to them.

Within the primaries lie good ordinary citizens that know the daily life of working class Americans’ that never show up on our election ballots because they didn’t win their primaries or caucuses. If only we paid more attention to primaries and caucuses we might elect persons that better represent our lives. Here are some examples of grass roots candidates that deserve at very least a look at because without our support via time, money, or both these worthy candidates will never get the chance to represent us.

In Oregon; Mark Callahan Callahan For Oregon

In Texas; Dwayne Stovall Dwayne Stovall, Republican candidate for US Senate in 2014, representing the great State of Texas

In South Carolina; Nancy Mace Nancy Mace –

These are only a few, and it is up to us to discover and hire the best persons for the jobs of public servants. We must only employ the best if we expect the best from our employees. We must choose from the many primary and caucus choices instead of accepting what we get at election time.

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