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Primal Shift announces release date for debut EP

Primal Shift announces release date for debut EP
Primal Shift announces release date for debut EP
Primal Shift

DUNEDIN - Tampa Bay rock duo, Primal Shift, have announced the release date for their up-coming debut EP. The duo's 7-song EP, “Disturbing Element,” is scheduled for release on March 24th. In addition, the duo has released their first single off of the up-coming EP, “We The People.”

The following is the official press release issued today by Primal Shift:


Tampa Bay female rock act PRIMAL SHIFT have released the first single "We The People" off their upcoming 7 Song Debut EP “Disturbing Element.”
The upcoming EP features April Davis on Vocals and Guitarist Leslie Redman taking on the rest of the musical instrumentation.
Primal Shift can be described as powerfully addicting groove oriented rock that combines the classic rock influences of bands from the The Runaways to Van Halen; with a modern day lyrical flair that reflects the current state of humanity and encourages everyone to come together equally as one through the power of music...
The new single, "We The People" is a modern day rock anthem for America... With hard driving riffs and meaningful lyrics, "We The People" encourages American citizens to come together and take our constitutional rights back from a corrupted 2 party governmental system; that seeks only to oppress it's citizens and stomp on their freedoms. A bit harsh??? Not to vocalist April Davis, who states, "It's good to get your cage rattled once in while. After all, we only grow when we are challenged." Leslie Redman adds, "We as a nation have become complacent. It's time we all wake up and really look at what is happening around us..." The new single will be available for download purchase on iTunes, AmazonMP3, and all other media outlets. And, can be streamed and purchased immediately from Reverb Nation... Here is the link:
The debut EP, “Disturbing Element” will be released March 24th and will be available as a CD package and digital download on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and other media outlets. "We cover a lot of topics in the 7 songs on the EP," states Leslie Redman. HEY is a song about being Human and that we are all connected as a species and have a primal instinct to care for one another because we are family. GIRLS THAT ROCK is a tune that was written in tribute to all the Female Rockers of the world past, present, and future. "You just can't stop the girls that rock!!" and we wouldn't want to... The other song titles on the album include: (the debut single) We The People, Recovery, Live It Up, Ain't It A Shame, andthe EP title song “Disturbing Element.”

For more information about Primal Shift:

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