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Primal Shift announce new bassist and drummer

DUNEDIN - Primal Shift has announced the addition of Chris Mourousas on bass, and Theresa Sorocco on drums. With the addition of Mourousas and Sorocco, Primal shift's new lineup will now consist of April Davis (vocals), Leslie Redman (guitar), Chris Mourousas (bass), and Theresa Sorocco (drums).

Leslie Redman and April Davis of Primal Shift
Primal Shift
Primal Shift announce new bassist and drummer
Primal Shift

The following is the official press release issued by Primal Shift:

Issued: July 24th, 2014


Primal Shift Announces Drummer and Bass Player!!

It is with great joy that Primal Shift announces that Theresa Sorocco
has accepted and is the drummer for Primal Shift! Theresa comes with
a wealth of experience. Having been the rhythmic force of Black Rose
and The Stone Dogs, Theresa's hard hitting, and deep in the pocket
groove oriented playing is a great compliment to Primal Shift's
powerful guitar driven riff rock and gives a whole new life to the

Rounding out the rhythm section and holding down the bottom end groove
that makes you want to move is bassist extraordinaire Chris
Mourousas!!! Having years of live experience in the Boston music scene
playing in Karma Junction, Black Ice and Irenic, Chris has found his
home here in the Tampa Bay Area and his musical home with Primal
Shift. Chris' solid bass playing adds an intense creative rhythmic
groove to the musical energy that connects the melody to the the pulse
of the music. Together with Leslie Redman on guitar and April Davis
on vocals, Primal Shift is in rehearsals putting together a live show
of hit covers and originals that rock with a purpose and will keep you
on the dance floor all night long. Stay Tuned... The Fun Has Just
Begun... <3

Primal Shift was originally formed in 2013 as a studio project between April Davis and Leslie Redman, who had originally met while Redman was playing guitar in the local cover band, Twisted Logic. Following the breakup of Redman’s last cover band, Sanctuary, Redman and Davis began writing and recording original music at their home studio during 2012 and 2013.

Primal Shift released their debut 7-song EP, Disturbing Element, on March 24th, 2014. As still just a duo at that point, Davis performed all the lead vocals on the EP, while Redman performed all the guitar, bass and drum parts on the EP. Redman and Davis describe the songs on Disturbing Element as having a political feel to them that reflect the current state of humanity. They also describe the music as having powerfully addictive, groove oriented rock riffs that combine the classic rock influences of bands from The Runaways to Van Halen; with a modern day lyrical flair that encourages everyone to evolve past their fears, prejudices, and oppression, and to come together equally as one through the love and power of music.

“The music and lyrics just came. We just enjoyed being together and creating. Good, Bad or Ugly... We didn't judge it...” And, the vocals and lyrics of the songs ended up being... Well... Just honest.” - Leslie Redman

“We know that there are people out there that feel the same way we do... And, we know that there are people that may not feel the same way we do... And, that's ok... We love them all just the same.” - April Davis

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