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Primal Island of Whidbey Island introduces Paleo Diet macaroons

Primal Island's new macaroons
Dane Anderson

After the success of her Primal Island Granola, Marybeth Dickerson has a new Paleo Diet product that is a special treat for those who enjoy the granola: Primal Island Macaroons.

Dickerson noted, “Unlike most macaroons, these are high in protein. They look like a normal macaroon, but they are more like a meal.”

A few years ago Marybeth Dickerson, who had been on medications and had been suffering for years with psoriasis, learned about the Paleo Diet through a book and Blog written by Mark Sisson. Dickerson had always liked experimenting with foods, and she decided to give this diet a try. She stopped eating cereal grains, processed foods and other foods that are restricted on this plan and ramped up her intake of grass-fed beef and other quality protein foods.

Within a week, she was startled to realize that she no longer needed her medication, her skin had completely cleared up and she suddenly had a new abundance of energy. She was sold on the Paleo Diet, which is known for decreasing inflammatory conditions in the body. She continued her food experimentation and came up with a coconut-based granola product that people raved about after they’d had a sample.

Dickerson had worked for high-end catering and specialty food companies in Seattle where she learned about the creation of high-quality food products. She commented, “I experimented with granola recipes on line, but I felt I could make a better tasting and healthier product.” Her passion for quality foods, nutrition and cooking led her to the development of Primal Island Granola, which has been selling well from when she first introduced it over two years ago.

Food was her specialty, but she had little experience in the business of manufacturing and selling food products. Enter Dane Anderson, an entrepreneur and successful businessman who had worked for the Thomas Kemper soda company in Seattle and knew about retail food distribution. Marybeth and Dane both had children in Whidbey Island’s Waldorf School. One day they began talking about what each did, and they realized they had complementary skills that could make Primal Island Granola a sales success.

Primal Island Granola is available in grocery stores and other food distribution sources across Whidbey Island, as well as in health food stores across Western Washington. The retail partners are growing more and more each week, and now they are in Whole Foods Markets throughout Washington. They are using a commercial kitchen on Whidbey that allows them to quintuple production from when they first began the business.

Check out their website for sales locations and some wonderful stories about Primal Island customers around the world.

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