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Price tag of America's most famous pooch, Bo Obama, is revealed

Bo poses with his colorful lei.
Bo poses with his colorful lei.

     How much does a friend cost in Washington these days? Quite a bit, as Bo Obama's price tag was disclosed on Monday: $1600 for the First Dog.

Bo, a Portuguese water dog, cost $1600.

     The Portuguese water dog came to the White House in 2009, a gift of the late Senator Edward Kennedy, who was an avid supporter of the breed. President Obama promised his daughters a dog after the election, and true to his word, took in Bo from the Kennedy family. The lovable youngster,  a medium sized dog with shaggy black hair and a white chest, has captivated the interest of the American public since his arrival.

     First Lady Michelle Obama charmed White House visitors earlier this year with a rare treat, bringing Bo downstairs to greet the tourists. He has also accompanied the President on several visits to Washington, DC area schools since his arrival at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

     The information came from the President's 2009 financial disclosure forms, which did not reveal much else new about Obama's finances following the release of his tax forms a few weeks earlier. The President made most of his money off the sale of his books, several millions of dollars, and has invested a large chunk of it in US Treasury Bonds.

     Vice-President Joe Biden's forms were released as well. The President's right-hand man is not very wealthy, but most of his assets are invested in mutual funds, according to the forms. He also received an autographed book by James Joyce worth $3500.