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Price slashed on Indoor/Outdoor Triathlon at Georgia Southern on April 6, 2014

Georgia Southern Triathlon
BJ English

It's that time of year in Savannah where you can wear shorts, go barefoot and still wear a sweatshirt and be comfortable.

It is just warm enough to get outdoors and enjoy the weather, but a little too chilly to even imagine going for a swim outdoors unless you wear a wetsuit, so who in their right mind would want to do a triathlon when the ocean temps are still in the low 50s?

Bearing that in mind, the United Way of Southeast Georgia has decided to host and indoor/outdoor triathlon where participants can swim in the pool at the RAC, Georgia Southern's indoor fitness center; ride a stationary bike indoors and hit the road running.

They even allow transition time between the swim and the bike so that you do not feel rushed.

If anyone has done a triathlon before, you know how stressful it can be to transition from one event to the other, have to set up your bike and gear changes and pack everything in and take it all out again.

It can also be a be daunting to do an open water swim, even if you are swimming in a pond with no current. It helps to know that if you have to, you can simply move over to the side of the pool and tag out without the fear of floundering helplessly until someone can come get you, hopefully before you start drowning!

This triathlon will be different in other ways as well. Each portion of the event is only 20 minutes long, so you go as far and as fast as you can in each event and your totals are added up to determine who is the winner.

A fifteen minute transition is allowed between each event with seven different heats scattered from 8 a.m. to noon.

Spin bikes will take the place of street bikes, with an indoor pool swim and the run will take place on the outdoor track so you will be running in circles not out and back.

It will be fun because you will not be able to judge who is in front of you or who is behind, so basically you will be racing against the clock and your own set time, hoping it will be good enough for a win!

If you are interested, the price has been slashed. Students pay only $15 which is a real bargain, and non-students pay $25 which is $15 off the regular price.

You can register at through Saturday April 5th and the event starts Sunday, April 6th.

The event starts at Georgia Southern University Recreation Activity Center on 2687 Akins Blvd in
Statesboro , Georgia, about an hour northwest of Savannah. The proceeds go to help the United Way of Southeast Georgia and it is a great way to meet a fun group of people and learn about the rules and regulations of triathlons in a more relaxed and safe environment.

How far can you run, bike, swim in sixty minutes? Why not sign up and see for yourself, or at least go out and cheer on those participating!

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