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Price calls on 'stubborn' Obama to halt 'road to ruin'


Calling President Obama's State of the Union address a demonstration of the chief executive's unwillingness to listen to the "wishes of the American people," Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) accused Obama of being "stubborn" by not backing away from "his big-government agenda."

President Barack Obama waves before delivering his State of the
Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday,
Jan. 27, 2010. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

In a scathing indictment, Price blamed the president's party for "compounding an already precarious situation with higher taxes, trillions more in debt, and a dangerous expansion of entitlement spending," and for "taking us further down the road to ruin."

As part of the run up to the president's State of the Union address Wednesday night, the conservative leader from metro Atlanta issued a statement Tuesday calling for the country to support the GOP backed House legislation, known as the Roadmapfor America's Future. Price said the legislation promotes "common sense reforms," including "tax reforms [that] will promote economic growth and increase American competitiveness in this global economy."

The Demoratic Party of Georgia voiced its support of President Obama's approach, saying - in a statement released Wednesday night - his speech delivered "common sense solutions that will get middle-class Georgians back to work."

As word leaked out of the president's intent to promote a three-year freeze of discretionary, non-military Federal spending in his Wednesday night speech, Price, who is chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, reacted by issuing another statement, calling any attempt to hold spending "at anything over pre-bailout and pre-stimulus spending levels is a faux-freeze."

In his critique of Wednesday's speech, Price said he feels the president and his party are turning a deaf ear to "struggling Americans," but "conservatives are listening. Despite his resistance," he concluded, "we will not relent until we get this message across to the President."

But Georgia Democrats disagreed, and affirmed, "The President's address was a powerful reminder of why we worked so hard to elect him to lead our party and our nation through these challenging times. I'm confident that under the President's leadership we will weather this economic storm and as a result we will be stronger."

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