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Preview: Premiere of 'Dora and Friends into the City'

Tonight a 8pm Nickelodeon Premiers its new series "Dora and Friends into the City". Dora the Explorer, which remains one of the most-watched preschool shows on television, has a spin-off. The show has the same concept, which is problem solving, morals and helping others out, while learning preschool skills and language.

This new series will be 20 episodes, 30 minutes each. The new show features Dora at ten years old, living in the city where she attends school. She is surrounded by peers who share the same interests. Dora and her new group of friends work together by completing tasks and going on adventures. In the end, these tasks and adventures seem to always give back or help out in the community.

The setting is the fictional city of Playa Verde, which Nickelodeon describes as "a beautiful pan-Latino metropolis by the sea". Playa Verde is a magical city with portals in multiple area awaiting Dora and her friends. They enter to find villains and obstacles to complete. Dora always carries her ancient magical charm bracelet and also has a a trusted Map App to help her and her friends on their adventures.

Dora's new group of friends are Alana (the athelete), Emma (the musician), Naiya (the intellectual), Kate (the actor), and Pablo (the energetic enthusiast). To learn more about Dora and her new group of friends, visit Nick Jr's Dora and Friends into the City character description page.

Dora and the gang work hard inviting preschoolers to join them in saving the day, solving problems, speaking Spanish, and giving back to the community.

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