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Preview of 'The Walking Dead' espisode 3.12, 'Clear'

The next episode of "The Walking Dead" is only five short days away. Written by new "The Walking Dead" showrunner Scott M. Gimple, "Clear" tells the story of a supply run by Rick, Michonne, and Carl that goes horribly wrong. Of course.

Rick, Michonne, and Carl make a desperate run for supplies into hostile territory on the next episode of "The Walking Dead."

Watch a preview for the next episode of "The Walking Dead."

From the preview it looks like this episode has very little to do with either the prison or Woodbury. Rick, Michonne, and Carl either stumble into a hostile settlement of survivors, or a trap set by the Governor to catch them out in the open.

This episode is being compared to "Eighteen Miles Out" from season two, also written by Gimple, in that it focuses on a small subset of characters thrust into a dangerous situation outside of the main plot. Hopefully this will be the episode when Rick and Michonne come to an understanding and begin the close, dependent relationship they form in the comic books.

Watch the preview for "Clear" again. You know you want to.

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