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Preview of spring hair trends from the 2014 Oscars

Spring Hairstyle Preview from the Oscars! -slide0

With so much focus on the dresses celebrities wear on the red carpet of the Oscars, we often forget to check out the hair styles. With the best hair and makeup artists working to make these celebrities look their best, this means missing out on what hairstyles are going to be trending this year. Don’t you worry; here is a collection all the latest spring beauty fashion trends in this blog and slideshow created by a hair and makeup artist in DC.

1. Side-Swept

The simple and elegant side-swept look was everywhere on the red carpet. It is a simple style where are all you need to do is part the hair to the side then sweep it over one shoulder. Make sure to leave one ear open with your side-swept style. As a bonus, the open ear allows you to showcase those fab earrings you’ve been dying to show off!

2. Soft Waves

Soft, delicate waves make a perfect match for the exquisite weather of spring. Look at our slideshow to see about how much wave you want to add to your hair. When you add subtle waves, you can forget all the other hair style elements, because the sky is the limit for elegance, femininity and style when you add in elegant soft waves to your look!

3. Loose Informal Styles

This year it seems the tight bun, tight curls and anything that looks too stiff and formal is totally out. Instead the fashion world is embracing a more informal look that highlights that natural beauty of the hair. Embrace your natural hair type to pick out the best hairstyle, because it turns out being just you when it comes to hair is fashionable this spring 2014!

4. Anything Girlie and Curly

Flowers, soft curls, loose braids- all of those styles us girls love to play with are in style this year. Try out a flowery hair braid to embrace the blooms of the spring season. If you are feeling especially adventurous add in some soft curls to the loose flowery braid and even wavy pony tails to give extra waves and texture.

5. Keep Up with the Spring Fashions

Make sure to follow beauty blogs created by a hair and makeup artist in DC to keep up with the constantly evolving beauty fashion world. These spring beauty hair and makeup fashions trends will be as fleeting as the springtime cherry blossoms, so make sure you tune it to the upcoming summer 2014 hair trends!

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