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Preview of metal and hardcore show at Fin's Pub (Oakdale), February 20th

Praeter Morte, TFGMHM, Suppressed Theory, Pitfight, BlackCrown at Fin's Pub, Oakdale, Feb. 20
Praeter Morte, TFGMHM, Suppressed Theory, Pitfight, BlackCrown at Fin's Pub, Oakdale, Feb. 20
Cat-1 Strong Island Booking

On Saturday, February 20th, Cat-1 Strong Island Booking is offering yet another showcase of great metal and hardcore at Fin’s Pub in Oakdale. Long Island and New York City will be well represented on a diverse bill that features such local talent as: Praeter Morte, The Forrest Gump Mile High Marathon, Suppressed Theory, Pitfight, BlackCrown, and xUntilxDeathx.

Here’s a preview of the show, beginning with the acts playing earlier in the evening:

xUntilxDeathx - A Long Island band with three distinctly placed X’s in their name. This means lots of breakdowns, and some good ol’ drug-hating, straight-edge hardcore.

BlackCrown - In sharp contrast to the xUntilxDeathx, BlackCrown’s competent blend of death and black metal appeal to the more evil and dark side of things.

Pitfight - Fans of tough-guy hardcore acts like Madball, Agnostic Front and Terror should enjoy the old-school thug stylings of New York City’s Pitfight; sure to get the pit moving with more breakdowns than a 1978 Ford Pinto.

Suppressed Theory - Fans of bands like Shadows Fall and Darkest Hour may enjoy Suppressed Theory’s mix of thrash metal and hardcore. Another up-and-coming Long Island metal band, Suppressed Theory recorded their debut album "Path To Madness" at Full Force Studios in December 2008, and were soon signed to Last Resort Records.

The Forrest Gump Mile High Marathon
- February 20th at Fins will be the long-anticipated first show from Long Island’s TFGMHM (even the acronym is a mouthful), a band that combines equal parts death metal (or death-grind), hardcore, and Forrest Gump. In their Gump-related songs with titles like “I’m Not a Smart Man,” “Black Panther Party,” and “Lt. Dan, Ice Cream,” TFGMHM incorporate brutal breakdowns, death metal growls, and yes, samples from the 1994 “Best Picture” winning film to create a truly odd final product. One can’t help but be curious about the first performance from Long Island’s primary purveyors of Gump Core.

Praeter Morte - Another hometown act will headline the night and should impress with their unique brand of metal, which draws heavily from death, black and hardcore. Also signed to Last Resort Records, Praeter Morte continues to gain followers and remains at the top of the heap among Long Island/NYC extreme acts. Check out the Long Island Metal Music Examiner review of their terrific album “Purifying the Oppressor,” here.

Doors open at 7Pm for this Cat-1 Strong Island Booking show, and the admission is $10. 18+ entry only.


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