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Preview: art and antiques dealers at the Fall Antiques Fair

Moss Studio’s signature industrial modern furniture and home accessories are crafted from industrial salvage.
Moss Studio’s signature industrial modern furniture and home accessories are crafted from industrial salvage.
Breck Armstrong, courtesy of MMPI

Of the fifty-five registered vendors for the fair, four will be presenting their urban eclectic selections in the new Emporium pavilion: Uber Modern, Broadway Antique Market, Moss Studios, Inc., and R. Ege Antiques. These are a selection of some of the big name dealers who will fill out this newest offering at the Merchandise Mart’s Fall International Antiques Fair, which runs from the preview on September 30th through October 4th, 2010.

Uber Modern, owned by Brandon McCleskey of Chicago, Illinois, is located within the MCM Grand Showrooms. This local dealer is conveniently located at 2219 West Grand Avenuein Chicago, Illinois. This prime location is in the stretch of Grand Avenue that “now boasts the highest concentration of shopping destinations in the city for modern design enthusiasts.” Uber Modern’s collection includes: furniture, glass and pottery, lighting, art and wall décor, and a category titled “everything else” which includes unique sculpture and home décor items.

Uber Modern’s “mission is to provide quality examples of Vintage Modern Design at a reasonable price. [Their] emphasis is on the period between the mid 1950’s to the late 1970’s. [They] carry many different styles representing the different design movements during this period, from Danish Modern to Hollywood Regency and everything between. [Uber Modern strives] to offer pieces that are unique and hard to find. Although we carry many designer pieces, the quality of materials, form, and functionality are what we look for in the pieces we sell, not a designer name.” In addition, Uber Modern’s “entire inventory is also available for prop rental and photo shoots at a rate of twenty percent of the ticket price for a five day rental period.” They also “offer interior design consulting services at an hourly rate, with free initial consultation.”

Broadway Antique Market is owned by Jeff Nelson of Chicago, Illinois. The company’s motto is “recycling 1950 since 1990.” They feature a diverse selection of furniture, art, and the unusual. The shop is located at 6130 North Broadway, in Chicago, Illinois.

Moss Studios, Incorporated is owned by Breck Armstrong of Fowlerville, Michigan. Breck opened Moss studios in “the space and serenity of a farm in Michigan” after leaving his job in Chicago in 2005. To his new business, he brought his background in ceramics and nine years creating exhibits for Brookfield Zoo. Moss Studio’s signature industrial modern furniture and home accessories are crafted from industrial salvage. His line of hand-finished concrete pots and planters exhibit a flare for combining period styles in a delicate balance with urban elements. Moss studios features a diverse selection of tables, mirrors, lighting, pots and planters. Moss Studios, Incorporated is located at 8550 North Robb Road in Fowlerville, Michigan.

R. Ege Antiques owned by Rick Ege of Saint Louis, Missouri is the culmination of a childhood dream. Ege began collecting at the age of twelve. Armed with the research in a book on collectible glass candy containers, he found “a clear glass Scottie dog candy container” in a cardboard box for sale for ten cents. The treasure was actually worth about ten dollars. Of the experience, Ege says: “I am so glad someone in the 1930s decided a glass Scottie dog would make an excellent way to sell more candy to kids. It certainly inspired this kid in the 1970’s to begin his passion.

Ege loves to collect and shares his enthusiasm with others. He said: “It is thrilling to find something that is worth more than the price you pay for that object. But, for me, the real joy is in the process. That constant search for treasure and discovery…the find.” He does a few antique shows each year and now has a shop. He explains: “The shop gives me the pleasure of placing objects in room like settings and seeing how they interact with each other. Each object has its own past, yet has more of a story to tell. I am drawn to objects that are unique and have a certain sense about them that sets them apart from more traditional antiques….Objects…should constantly inspire and give pleasure to the homeowner and reflect their interests and passions.”

R.Ege Antiques is located at 1304 Sydney Street in Saint Louis, Missouri. The shop specializes in “art, artifacts, and alchemy” that translates to a selection of artwork, photography, including a great selection of antique portraits, folk art, 20th Century and European curiosities, thingamajigs, lighting, garden elements, and jewelry.

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