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Preview Archie's 'Dawn of X' Mega Man event

Archie Comics released a preview today of their "Dawn of X" Mega Man event starring the Mega Men of two time periods! Mega Man is one of the longest running video game franchises in history, dating back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Beginning in tomorrow's "Mega Man" #37, the original Mega Man will team up with his next generation model, Mega Man X, to take on one of Dr. Wily's greatest weapons! "Mega Man" #37 is written by Ian Flynn with art by Jamal Peppers, Gary Martin, John Workman and Matt Herms.

Preview pages for "Mega Man" #37, part one of the "Dawn of X" event starring both Mega Man and Mega Man X!
Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante; photo courtesy of Archie Comics, used with permission

The publisher has this to say about its biggest Mega Man event:

The MEGA MAN / MEGA MAN X crossover is here! The next big video game event from Archie Comics has at last arrived in "DAWN OF X" Part One! It's a brand new adventure so MEGA-EPIC that it would be impossible to contain it in just one time period! Witness a struggle that spans across time as both the original Mega Man AND X battle a long-lost Wily weapon for the safety of all mankind! Featuring heroes and villains from both hit Capcom franchises, plus the surprise return of a character that will affect the very course of time and space as we know it! Get in on the ground floor of this century-spanning special event that features a cover and variant from Mega Man art legend Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante, as well as a special "Villain Variant" cover featuring SIGMA and VILE by painter Erik Ly! "X" marks the spot!

The "Dawn of X" begins in "Mega Man" #37, in stores tomorrow. That allows just 13 hours to marathon the Mega Man video game franchise before hitting the local comic book store in the morning! To find a comic shop near you, go to

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