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R.E.C.A.P: 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' S01E15

Lady Sif in "Agents of SHIELD"
Lady Sif in "Agents of SHIELD"
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Not only did this week's "Agents of SHIELD" have a Thor-crossover we'd all been waiting for, some serious stuff happened that'll change the show going forward. It's about spies, after all.


Picking up from last episode's "cliffhanger," Lorelei decides that a biker gang is better than a newlywed, sending her old beau into his car. Now she's got a few good men.

Catching up with our heroes, Skye recovers in the Bus' medical bay, and Fitz/Simmons are running tests on her blood to find the miracle drug they used, to no avail. Coulson meets with Agent Sitwell, who says he doesn't know where Director Fury is, and he only is found if he wants to be. The Agents get their new assignment to track energy readings related to possible Asgardian arrivals, and they end up getting to the California/Nevada border just in time to meet Lady Sif upon arrival.

Coulson, back on the Bus, signs off on helping out Sif. who for her part, is amazed Coulson is alive, and he mentions he'll let Thor know himself sometime. Their plan is to get a special collar around Lorelei that'll prevent her from speaking, since her voice (and sometimes her touch) can ensnare any man. Sif and Coulson go over the local police reports for unusual activity, and Coulson asks about the other realms Sif's seen. Many of them include blue people, but according to her, none have visited Earth. Fitz outfits May and Ward with much more and stronger tranq guns, called ICE Guns now.

The Agents and Sif pull into the biker bar, where the police have arrived...and have decided to protect the beautiful lady. After a few knock-out rounds, Sif heads in and throws a few bikers through windows and fixtures. Ward moves in to provide backup, but Lorelei gets a hand on him, and in the next moment they're off on a stolen bike.

Back on the Bus, the collar was broken during the fight, so they need a new plan. Fitz/Simmons try patching it up while Coulson sends Skye to her laptop to catch them. Fitz also wants to get in touch with SHIELD HQ about GH-325, but Coulson doesn't want to give them away.

Ward and Lorelei arrive at Caesar's Palace, settling in for...'ahem' the night. Sif warns May to watch out for Ward, who won't hesitate to kill her. May says he'll try. The mostly female Agents search their room, but find nothing. They make it back to the Bus, which starts taking off; Ward has decided to take the plane. Worse, Fitz has decided Lorelei's the best, and tricks Sif into the interrogation room, which shortly gets locked. And the ceiling opens up, sending Sif and the collar out in the air. Lorelei gets May to herself and mentions that Ward admitted who he has feelings for on the team, and it's not her.

Thankfully, Coulson hasn't fallen under the spell, so he sets about freeing Skye and Simmons. They manage to lure Fitz back down to the garage and knock him out, while Lorelei goes for Sif's sword. However, Sif makes her way back in, and a couple throwdowns occur simultaneously as Ward and May smash up the Bus. Sif manages to get Lorelei down and strap the collar on her, which indeed works and shuts her up. The spell is broken, and everyone gets back to normal.

Later, Sif takes her prisoner to Asgard, May tells Ward he needs to be more honest with himself, and Coulson sits Skye down. He reveals the source of the wonder drug is alien, and they agree to start breaking protocol to get answers. They need to keep it between themselves, and resolve to find the responsible party and make them pay.

However...Coulson isn't aware of a small microphone in the air vent. A microphone May knows of, and updates a log saying "he knows."


Round of applause for Jaime Alexander as Lady Sif, everybody. The "Thor" movies would have the best cast of any of the Marvel films if it wasn't for Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins. (Man, never thought I'd be talking about how bad Anthony Hopkins is in a role.)

Also, remember when I said the characters need to be more distinct? Fitz has been put into full-on jerky jerk mode. After arguably getting Skye shot and being the most gung-ho about being entranced by Lorelei, he gets a black eye and absolutely no sympathy. Remember when Fitz and Simmons may have been a thing? Yeah, not anymore.

"Agents of SHIELD" has reached a stride where they're building on what was established in the first half as far as secrets, mysteries, and interpersonal relationships. It's gone beyond the relatively dull "weird stuff of the week" to be a full on "X-Files" in the MCU. It's great that Lorelei showed up and there was a crossover with the "Thor" section of the universe, but a magical enchantress actually threw a wrench into the works of some of the show's relationships. This came out of nowhere after all the Centipede/Deathlok stuff, but it played into the greater story of the show. Bravo.

Of course, like any good cliffhanger ending, there's no new episode next week, just a special with some looks at "Captain America" and "Guardians of the Galaxy." Here's hoping we get a few more episodes in before "Winter Soldier" hits, because that SHIELD centered movie will probably shake things up.

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