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Preventing pregnancy the natural way!

Natural Family Planning
Natural Family Planning

With the going green movement increasing, many of those who work in the woman's health field have seen an increase in women opting for a more natural approach to preventing pregnancy rather than the traditional contraception methods. Between the birth control pill, shot, and intrauterine devices there are so many methods out there for women to choose from, but not without some risk factors.

The biggest risk factor in natural family planning is the obvious risk of getting pregnant, but it does not increase your risk for a stroke, blood clots, or other complications as many of the other birth control methods can. Even with these pharmaceutical methods, there is a risk of pregnancy.

Some of the fertility awareness based methods of natural family planning include :


  • Voluntarily abstaining from sexual activity.
  • Abstinence is the only contraceptive method that is 100% effective in the prevention of both pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Barrier Methods: Devices

  • The Male Condom - The male condom is the most commonly used barrier method of birth control.
  • The Female Condom - The female condom covers the cervix, vaginal canal, and the immediate area around the vagina. A female condom can be described as a seven-inch long pouch of polyurethane with two flexible rings and is inserted into the vagina prior to intercourse.
  • Diaphragm - The diaphragm is inserted into the vagina and placed over the cervix no more than 3 hours prior to intercourse.

Fertility Awareness Method  :

The fertility awareness method, also known as Natural Family Planning method

  • NFP is a pregnancy prevention method that uses the natural functions of your body and your menstrual cycle to calculate ovulation. The most common features of NFP involve recording of your body temperature and changes in your cervical mucus each day, as well as keeping a detailed chart following this.
  • Natural Family Planning requires periodic abstinence (approximately 7 to 10 days) during the ovulation period. Some women choose to use a barrier method or withdrawal during this time frame.

Some helpful websites and books include :

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