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Preventing blurry pet photos

A good example of an impromptu shot
A good example of an impromptu shot
Brenda Reeves

Preventing blurry pet photos is every pet photographers goal. Taking blurry photos is every pet photographers nightmare. It's happened to everyone: The once in a lifetime hilarious shot of Buddy is snapped only to get it in the computer to find out it's blurry. Sometimes it's because the photographer has moved, but more often it's, because Buddy has moved. With a few techniques and a little practice, blurry images can be a thing of the past.

Camera shake is one of the main culprits besides the pet. Preventing blurry photos in pet photography takes practice holding the camera still, but sometimes it requires a little help from special equipment. A tripod will guarantee a steady camera, but make sure the tripod is set up correctly. Place the legs on solid ground. This might be a table, or it might be a grassy or dirt filled area. Regardless of what it is it has to be secured solidly. Make sure the camera is secured tightly on the tripod. If there are telescoping legs on the tripod, make sure these are locked into place.

The pet photographer isn't always going to have a tripod at her disposal. This is where good camera handholding techniques are essential. Practice supporting the camera with both hands, and make sure the fingers aren't covering the lens on front of the camera. Keep the elbows tucked in at the upper body. Legs should be apart and feet firmly planted. This solves camera shake for many pet photographers.