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Preventing And Treating Spring Time Allergies For Cats

Cat In The Grass
Cat In The Grass
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Yes, it is finally that time of the year. Spring has sprung. This means that the weather will begin to slowly warm up in all parts of the United States. Yes, it really will. This is a promise. Yet, with the warmer temperatures, many people will begin to suffer from spring allergies as the flowers and trees begin to bloom. However, they aren’t the only ones who may suffer. Our pets can suffer from allergies, too. Your cat may suffer. How can you treat and how can you prevent spring allergies from ruining the spring season for your feline friend

Preventing Spring Allergies

• Keep your cat indoors when the pollen count is high. This also means keeping the windows closed, as well.
• Talk to your vet about your choices in monthly flea and tick medications and treatments. Yes, your cat can have an allergy to flea bites.
• Keep your cats away from poison Ivy and Oak.
• Dust and vacuum your home more


• Talk to your vet about the different types of medications that your pet may use. This can include allergy shots, topical solutions for your cat’s skin, and cortisone medications.
• Talk to your vet about giving your cat an allergy test to pinpoint his/her exact allergies
• Do not give your cat over the counter medications without consulting your vet.

Yes, springtime allergies can be miserable for both hum and cat alike. However, there can be help for both of you. Don’t be afraid to search out for this help and try to get the most enjoyment out of spring that you both can.

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