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Preventing a Hangover

Preventing a Hangover   

The prevention of a hangover is fairly easy if you know what to do.  Sure, you could not drink alcohol at all and that would solve all of your problems.  But that might be like telling everyone not to have sex so as not to get VD.  

Here are some tips on preventing a hangover:

1.  Don't drink on an empty stomach.  

Some people may do this to speed up the process of getting drunk.   But the smart social drinker will eat a healthy meal before drinking and also to include a glass or two of milk to coat the stomach.  You may also eat smaller portions but do so throughout the evening as you drink, not allowing your stomach to get empty.  

2.  Don't mix drinks.

Don't mix around different types of drinks.  If you have beer, stick to beer.  If you have beer, then wine, then a bloody mary, you are asking for trouble in the morning let alone later that night.  

3.  Drink clear or light drinks

If you drink vodka, gin or white rum, you are less likely to have a hangover in the morning.  There are by-products formed in the fermentation of dark-colored alcoholic drinks that are thought to make your hangover worse.  

4.  Drink less 

Here is  novel idea.  Just reduce the amount of alcohol you drink and apparently your hangover, should you get one, will be less disruptive.  If you need help with your drinking limit, alternative rounds of drinks with a non-alcoholic one, like a water or juice.  If you limit yourself to one drink per hour, you should be fine.

5.  Sleep

After you've been drinking, come home and relax for a while.  If you go immediately to bed to sleep, your sleep patterns could be affected and you may not get a good night sleep.  Staying a wake for a while will allow you to sober up first and then fall asleep.  Get as much sleep as your body will allow.  This will rejuvenate your body as the effects of the body may make you tired.  

Tonight is New Year's Eve.  Enjoy yourself and have a good time.  It's been a tough year for all of us so you deserve a night on the town or you can certainly enjoy a safe evening at home.  Whatever you choose, be safe and have a Happy New Year!