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Prevent or eliminate varicose veins forever

Cure those varicose veins and bare your legs this summer.
Cure those varicose veins and bare your legs this summer.
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Will varicose veins prevent you from baring legs this summer? Varicose veins can eliminate once gorgeous gams. Millions of American woman suffer from varicose veins. What can be done to prevent or eliminate varicose veins?

Uncrossed legs

Crossing the legs slows down blood flow. It increases pressure on leg veins. To prevent this, sit with legs uncrossed and feet firmly on the floor. Avoid seating that is too high. Dangling lower legs increase pressure on upper legs and cut off circulation.

Exercise and elevation

Long periods of standing or sitting can effect circulation and cause varicose veins to form. Elevate the feet on breaks. Prevent or eliminate varicose veins with frequent exercise. Low impact exercise, like walking, biking or swimming improves blood flow circulation.

Proper clothing

Tight fitting clothing cuts off proper circulation. Prevent or eliminate progression of varicose veins by wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Avoid products like girdles and waist cinches. Consider surgical stockings especially made to promote vascular health.


Varicose veins can be aggravated by build up of fluid. Eliminate excess fluid by eating ½ cup of pineapple or drinking 8 oz. of pineapple juice daily. The bromelain in this fruit can eliminate water retention and prevent undue pressure on varicose veins.

Weight control

Excess weight causes pressure on varicose veins. High cholesterol can prevent proper circulation. Eat a healthy diet containing plenty of fiber, fruits and vegetables. Keep salt intake low to eliminate water retention.


Home methods to prevent or eliminate varicose veins may be ineffective. Surgery is another option. Sclerotherapy is an outpatient surgical technique. The doctor inserts a chemical into the varicose vein which will prevent the vein from filling with blood. This will eliminate the vein by natural absorption.

Laser treatment

This is another surgical procedure your physician might suggest. In this procedure a small thread like fiber is inserted into varicose veins. The laser fiber then emits energy to eliminate the vein. The vein is then naturally absorbed by the body.


Ablation is another surgical method used when patients are unable to prevent or eliminate varicose veins on their own. A catheter is inserted into varicose veins. The walls of the vein are heated by electrodes in the catheter. The vein is rendered useless and absorbed naturally by the body.

Vein stripping

This method removes varicose veins physically, through surgery. This is a more invasive method than others used to eliminate varicose veins. It involves two incisions and tying off varicose veins for removal. Techniques to prevent varicose veins can eliminate the necessity of this surgery if started early in life.

Please note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. This article is not meant to replace professional advice or consultation.


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