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Prevent Back Pain and Improve Overall Wellness with Kent Burden's Guide

Kent Burden

A sedentary lifestyle is nothing uncommon in present-day society. Most jobs have people sitting over an extended period of time, which isn’t necessarily as comfortable or as relaxing as it may seem at first. While spending hours in front of your laptop may sound like a harmless thing to do, it is in fact quite soliciting on your body and it can greatly damage your spine. Kent Burden offers tips and advice on how to take care of your spine, lower back, and overall health in “Is Your Chair Killing You?”

K. Burden’s guide includes information gathered from various studies and recent research, so that it may better explain how sitting down for too long affects your body. Although back pain is an obvious consequence of sitting down too much, this can also contribute to the development of heart conditions, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. As an experienced fitness and wellness expert, the author has drawn from his extensive knowledge regarding those fields in order to create short and efficient movements which are bound to prevent and alleviate the negative effects of sitting.

The exercises explained in “Is Your Chair Killing You?” don’t require a lot of time – just five minutes each – and they can be done while standing, once an hour. Performing these movements with regularly – once every hour, as mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph –will help you burn calories, be more energized, feel refreshed, and – of course – prevent and heal back pain.

“Is Your Chair Killing You?” is a wellness book that aims not only at helping those who suffer from back pain, but also any person who wants to live a healthier lifestyle. Kent Burden offered various alternatives to the “standard office” seating, along with diet suggestions. This guide can help you be healthier and feel much better by making small, progressive changes. Find it on Amazon.

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