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Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls: An inspirational movement for change

At the event
At the event
Lesley Reider

Members of the media were recently invited to a special film screening hosted by Bobbi Brown of the film Girl Rising at the Crosby Hotel. Prior to the screening, Bobbi Brown and Holly Gordon, Executive Director of Girl Rising, provided an announcement and some insights on the Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls Partnership, as well as some background on the film. This incredible partnership is a charitable initiative that strives to empower women and girls through education. It focuses on giving a woman or girl the confidence to change the world.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics will be supporting the Girl Rising Campaign, the global action campaign for girls’ education, as well as 2 other organizations in the US—Dress for Success and Broome Street Academy—with the empowering focus in mind. The partnership also extends to organizations in the UK, Korea, and South Africa. As party of the Pretty Powerful Campaign, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has created the Pretty Powerful Mascara, which just launched yesterday on International Women’s Day, and is available both online and at select Bobbi Brown counters in the aforementioned countries. The entire $25 purchase price of each mascara tube will go towards the involved organizations. The impact of this worthy campaign is tremendous.

The Girl Rising film ties in with this incredible impact. It documents the stories of 9 different girls around the world who deal with struggles and unfortunate circumstances working against them, but they are relentless in achieving their dreams of being the agents of change. They stand up for their right to learn, to transform the world, and to live a better life. The film is informative, emotional, and extremely powerful. Support the Pretty Powerful Campaign and watch this amazing documentary. Women and girls around the world are counting on us!